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.-xtslligsnca AGENCY




MEMORANDUM FOR: Lt. General Donald V. Bennett


Defeats InteUtgmce Agency

S, American Prisoners ot War In Viet Cong

Inter-Regloa 5

The attached report provide* in/orn-.atloa on.

military personnel captured by the Viet Cong during

Wetng thla report limited distribution In the field. In Washington, copies are being sent only to you and the recipients listed below.


1 J

Admiral Epes

t?nus Major General TrUntaJolU: Major General Davidson Erljadler General Parsley

Colonel OulUlan Captain Karris Mr. Siavcrts Mr. .Cegiopoote



). Sometime between May andwo Americans were capturedapper unit of the Vlat Cong (VC) Quang Nam province unit In Lam Thanh hamlet. Ilea Luoag village. Hao Vang district, and turned over to the Military Proselyting Section of Quang Nam province. Aa deputy chief of :he sectionrge of prisoners of war,[Major Le Can decided release the prisoners because there waa no adequate de:ention camp nearby aad to take them to the Miliary Proselyting Section of MillsAryould take between two and three moaths. "

2. One of tho prisoners released was called Brown and held the rank of either private first class or sergeaat; hean advisorVXRcglonal Forcee Company in Hao Vang district. Ke was berweenndears of age,0 meters tail, and weighed aboutilograms; he had grey eyes, blondarge forehead, straight nose and pale complexion. The other prisoner was called Kimnd held the same rank and position as the other prisoner. He was aboat the same age as Brown and was about0 meters tall and weighed aboutilograms. He also had blond hair, greytraight nose butanned complexion.

3. Ineport submitted by theMilitary Proselyting Section concerning the capture ofmedical officer who held the rank ofprisoner

[Comment: Viet Cong Militaryncluded Goverr-rrient of Vietnamuang Nam. Quang Tin. Quang Ngel, Blnh Dlnh. Phu Bon, Kor.tum and Dar Lac provinces.

CvKeadcaartcre Comment: This information may refer to.. Francis Qulnneorge Edward Croom, who are listed by the Defease Intelligence Agency publication "Combined List. Personnel PW/MIA" as having been captured82 and having subsequently escaped.

omment,* This prisoner may be identical with Captain Floyd Kosaaer, who was reported to be in Quang Ngai province in0 andaptainedical doctor.


wes turned ever to (he Military Proselytico. Section o: Military later-Region 5put himetention camp where be lattr contracted dysentr.ry and died; he was buried la Tra Ml district. Ouaag Nam province, hut the exact location was not known. Ha was aboutears old.

fa February jgfcgj"

r of war had been re'.eaaed6 reiusad io retcrn to hie unit; the American instead had volunteeredworkropajsnda cj-dr^Jflithe Military Proselyting Section of Military sl'-ct cerj^but thought the nam* of the prisoner was^ Jrisonerrivate first class; attar he defected, heoudspeaker to bra dealt Viet Cong propaganda to. 5th Marineocated In the Bo Bo military camp, Dieo Tien village. Dien Ban district.

5. Priorhere was no clear policy on the disposal of the bodies Of dead American prisoners. Usually, they were buried by their captors where they died, he Central Office /or South Vietnamirective, numberowo. which officially ordered the prisoners burled where they died; the capturing unite, however, wer* instructed toketch of the named location of the grave. Thla sketch plus all identity papers and personal belongings

- the prisoners were sent lo the next higher unit, which would then forward frem to th* Military Proselyting Section of Military Inter-egion 5. Af ofhe Military Proselyting Section

anslaled of Colonel (FNU) Trl, Chief of the Section and also in charge of penetration activities; Lioutenant Colonel (FNU) Thai. Deputy Chief of the Section and also in charge of propaganda activities; Major (FNU) Sau, penetration cadre; MajorCan, penetration cadre; Major (FNU) Key. penetration cadre; and Majorh, administrative cadre.

*}comm*nt: Thla prisoner may be identictl with tha one described, Innd. may be Robertarin* captured by the V-5 who is reported to have defected in

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