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On UtmaiMof WarrtUlMd by tho Vlat CongI nil forest Aod directed loGoaarneeni of out pool In Klen GTaog Province. Tbelr . r.

the/ eacb. ri * propagandaphlat cillinf oa soldier* and rlvtl arrtanta io join tba .'lavolait torn. The**ld theyaall treated end espocted trat other prlaoaara wild ta released daring Tat. Tb*/aot abla to provide. or Alliedepthat thsy had bean told by their guard* that "foreign"e taken to "regional" prison caape. Sod Suauaary.

X. Cat tba VC releasedVHbad ' . incarcerated lalnb Foreil. ThePopular force*our Regional Force* (RF)GVB Karl eople'* Self-Defaase Forceathat aoaellee la las afterneo* oaeccaber uardta* dale) they takaa fro* th* VC datentloa caaptioour*anal or river. heyguard* boardad aaapaaa and paddlad for too night* andaiopctrg only to eat at night. They arrived at *uoXjioea, tba aornlng ofec caber aod roatad, ' fori relets* started around noonid laetad about

or throeere told that VC miliary Regionirective ordarlng th^ir raloasB andlelalng ihe dayCelebration of Released




nor* then given long dlinrlillon OD hOW Mil the)

had beeo treated by the VC and each waaa paapmleI towith him,propaganda document ca_^Llng on soldiers and gvn. .in'i to Join tha VC. primjuir.i. (A) The released sen did not know Uaw tfRpJFvere chosen (or release or whether tho direct Irapacified the* by naav or

WwiMr the local VC had eboean them. <B> VCovers

the lover Dalta and lnolados CVMyen. Rue Lieu,Cheong Thien, Klen Diaag, fonc Dlnh, VlnH Blnh,*

of Vlnta Long and part of An Clang and Chau Doc

The sen stayed In or near tho hamlet until

late the eight ofoceaber or early morningC guard escort left tbe haalet onecember, guard duties over to the local guerrillas. Vbile In

namlot, the prisoners were kspt blindfolded except to eatthe release ceremony. Taay were ted by residents

the hamlet. Finally, all of tha prlsonere wwra put aboardt


boat; Ibay paddled until Just after daybreak and then were put ashore. They were told that tbey wereeters from the cat Huocr outpost and that they could hall passing boats to get there. On tbe way to the outpost they were picked upvm petrol boat.

men did not snow the exact location ofcamp, as they had been blindfolded both goingconing from the cat.p. They stated that the locationcamp changed frequently, but It was always deep In Uandknown as Tavmp'T*1! Tha'ra'verw about 35 Camp security and maintenance were provided by onearmed with SKS andifles.* The platoonmealsolitical cadre to indoctrinate the POe's.

"* a. All POW'e wore leg irons,urved rod with two hols* St each endock,at all times except rief exorclee period when tbey were allowed to walk aroundxall area, under guard. They were fed twice dally,0 noun and at lOOO hours. The asals consistedowl of rice, shit and, on rare occasions, dried fish or fiah sauce. The PCW's were given needles sod thread to mend their clothes but were not given blankets or mosquito.mete. ally political Indoctrination sae conducted during which tbey were told of "the glorious VC victories In South Vietnam, Carbodla and Laos" and were bopt Informed about the VC's peace proposals and rejection of tbe CVM's peace proposals. The POw't agreed no single point, political or military, waareused during theee eeaalone and aald they had . not paid too much attention to the lectures. AC eight the POW'a wjere grouped together in units of four or fivetrslghtrod was run through their leg ironsentral coluan and padlocked there. The rod was approximately one Inch In diameter and two metera lons.

-To* men ssid they .had net been beaten

By tho VC during their detention, and they Oiajeared te be in rend . ._ hysical condition. One said be had beoa wounded* fragment during an alratrlke on hie POO camp and had ly raceleed good modleal treatment. Their guard* had Indicated more prlsonere -might" be released at Tat. M Bco^-nl: Noo known to bare beoa released laTot.)

7. Bone of tbaOB'S bad sewn. or allied prisoners during their Imprisonment bat aoveral sold that their VC guards told then that "foreign"ere kept at "regional" prison caape "la tbahree of the

aald they had beard frcai their VC gWM that Tsrslsc",



S., ner* rot bettor tr**lM*t the. Ylelnurae POS'a. Oee of the three bad been told

r* cotad coffee reeulerly.

Coaaatat; The prisoner*that their cupred to be proelace-terel.)

3. Dlaeee: State TOSACT ttSAID CCSIDS. Michel oal7) Tth Airth SI Cp CISCPAC MOLT MfAF tUlC








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