Created: 10/5/1971

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Ai ofwo American journalistsbeing held prisoner by the Viet Cong/Norlh Vietnamese Army (VC/NVA) In the Tapao plantation at Both had been held In the area since their capture, within two days of each other, in October or November Both were captured near the Svay Antor airstrip at8 after having become separated from government units to which they had been attached. As ofugust, both were In good health and were allowed considerable freedom of movement within the VC/ NVA camp.

The older of the two newsmen appears to beS years of age and Is extremely tall.He has receding blond hair and blue eyes, and always wears untinted glasses. Heoft-spoken manner, and speaks French and Vietnamese.

The aecond journalist appears to beears of age. IsZ" tall, and heavily muscled. Heull head of short

blUck hair, and ha* blue eyes. He also speaks French and Vietnamese.*'

uropean male Tnan" orall.

since their capture inhe two prisonersheld at tht headquarters of Khmer Communist (KC) Regionheadquarters Is mobile, moving ev ery several dyas toIn the Chup. Tapao, and Peam Cheang

. natior-ali

Comparison madeeight indicates that the""n

said that until the capture of the two

eatjqG*rters had beenixed location. It

Americans, Regions not clear whether the capture of the Americansactor in the new policy of continual relocation of this element.

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