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Chile:ore Aggressive Opposition

The night-long violence in Santiago set offomen's demonstration againstecemberignificant escalation of the steadily rising tensions between the Allende government and its opponents. The state ofdeclared In Santiago Province on 2puts the area under military control andthe government to make arrests without warrants, impose news censorship, and ban all parades and demonstrations. The two majorradio stations in Santiago have been dosed by official order.

The acrimonious battle over administration efforts to reorganize and gain control of theof Chile had already led to daily vlolanco in Santiago for several weeks. The battle recently spread to other cities and universities as Chileans, reluctant to Involve themselves openly on other issues, joined the fight Retaliation has been harsh and the leader of the coalition effort at thehas threatened that workers may occupy university buildings. Although the ChristianBflBpt agreedompromise with the government over opposition demandslebiscite of the university community on the reorganization, the rector has pressed the issue. He, has collected sufficient signatures and sat the plebiscite forecember. It covers many Issues and If approved would greatly increase hisat the expense of theuniversity governing council.

The Christian Democratic penchantoff aftertand against thehas several times given the PopularRecently, thehird time, plans to kiln into Impeach Allende cabinetwill the party cooperate with theNationals in the legislative by-electionsheld In January. On the other hand, theDemocrats' announced opposition toot Allende's sweeping constitutionalbill has slowed that governmentalthe party has elected as president aleftist. Senator Renan

Meanwhile, Chilean businessman arean all-out and thus far effective campaign to block the government's attempts to buyinterest in Chile's massive, privately owned paper company. The argument that government control of the company's monopoly on newsprint would further curtail freedom of the press has helped. The administration has many effective and legal means to frustrate such efforts. The major curb on the rapid trend toward government control seems to be the Popular Unity's lack of managerial and technical talent to runenterprises efficiently.

Allende's announcement that Chile would renegotiate most of its outstanding International debts has been translated into action. Coalition politicians apparently prevailed In their desire to request bilateral negotiations with creditorpossibly in hope of isolating the US, which holds about fifty percent of the total debtofficials, however, recognizeulti-urterai approaches more acceptable to creditors.

Differences within the Popular Unity persist Both the Socialist and Communist parties are attempting to strengthen their position,in the labor field where the government Is meeting Increasing resistance. The Chilean Labor Confederation congressoecember will test tho rivalry, although much of the action will take place behind tho scenes. The Socialists and Communists realize that Allende's criticism of their Infighting as damaging to the government Is valid, but this is not likely to end their efforts to dominate the coalition. Nevertheless, their ability to handle soituation as Castro's visitalling out reflects jheir abll" balance to.work In

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