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Tha Communiata' Tan Commandment a

Liberation Radio has broadcast ten "commandments" as guidelines for Viet Cong cadre and North Vietnamese soldiers in areas they have captured. Thewere issued in the name of the recentlyQuang Tri "People's Revolutionaryhe first five deal with administrative procedures for the liberated areas. They direct cadre to maintain firm "resolution" if it becomes necessary at some future point to fight off enemy counterattacks. The last five list instructions for dealing with the local population. The cadre are told to "protect publicncluding all historical shrines; tothe people's lives, property, profession, andnd to respect the people's individual

Similar but less detailed instructions ware broadcast by the Quang Tri Provincial Committee shortly after the Communists captured the province in late April. Both sets of guidelines mesh well with the accounts of refugees who have escaped from enemy-controlled territory. The refugees report that North Vietnamese soldiers have been well-disciplined and that their Viet Cong counterparts, upon assuming control shortly thereafter, have also been considerate toward the local population.

The Communists are well aware of the need for popular support, and they appear willing toonsiderable effort to avoid antagonizing the local populace. These latest instructions omit any ref-enco to the treatment accorded members of the local population who have worked for the South Vietnamese Government. There have been reports that some of these individuals, especially members of the police, have been tortured and in some instances publicly executed as examples to thoir neighbors.




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