Created: 4/15/1972

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Reported remarks of Soviet SALT delegate Crinevskiyonversation with VS SAC? advisor Waiter,pril Lapland:

I saidelieved it should be possible in the weeks ahead to resolve the remaining differences if the right political decisions were madeid not believe security considerations were really at the basis for any of the remaining Soviet reservations about proposals the US had made. Crinevskiy said that security considerations were not basic to cither side at this stage with respect to remaining differences in the sense that the strategic balance was not going to be upset by any of the variations within the present framework of both sides' positions but that the remaining differences involved political considerations.

Reported remarks of Soviet SALT delegate Crinevskiy and advisor Kishilovonversation with US SALTParsons and advisor Cart'noff, pril Uelsin

As we had indicated earlier, it would bothat the agreed interpretations would be available for public use by each side as it sees fit in the course of legislative consideration. Under American practice, these agreed interpretations would be included in the textessage from the Secretary of State to the President which is -sent to Congress in accordance with our constitutional and legislative procedures. Grinevskiy indicated^nd both he and Kishilov said they saw no problem. The Sovietation would, however, prefer to leave aside for the time being final decision on the 'way in which agreement on interpretive statements would be registered, until we had decided on and reached agreement on the agreed interpretive statements.

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