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Within thla reporting period, the SAP Engineering Department are continuing In leveling end clearing ere an within and around the Pochentong Maintenance area, but to preeent here nada little progreee inroper dreinage era taa. It Is hoped that this project eight he initiated in the near future as the "Haining" season will he here coon, snd problemsarise.

The fixed wing snd rotoiy wing main ten anoc depextmentc hare been routine for ths most part this week, with limited fit.tlae lost to maintenance.

1 majority of ths required engine changes within1 section hare been oosplsted enabling damage repair to be startedA, on

0 section thla week haref suspected brake failures, resulting in the damage00, due to the ttP'a preeeut limited eapabilitiea to perform extenalTe structural repair, it waa reocasnandede dropped froa tba SA? aircraftne time brake inspection of0 fleet was suggestedmple ted, no discrepancies were found.

The trelnlng program* within ths chops are continuing with fevorehle results. Badlo shop personnel this week have attended classroom instruction on the aleaaamplifier, class "B- amplifier, class "C" amplifier end the triode tube.

Continued osnalballsatlao within the GHD section le starting to take its toll, cannibalising areas are becoming depleted. Some of the dearn.no equipment reo^dremente were filled this week by the SAP supply, but ss yet, not enough to place any of this deadline equipment back to an operational status,

Ths shoe tee tsl section, has continued modification and fabrication of the following projects,BB stand, manual fun chargers for the sxnsmsnt shop, end the fabricationeon: keroesne lan Urns for outetation requi reman te, this is attributed to electric welding rod, supply levels being fined. Facility imp row mean te and training olesaae have temporarily been discontinued due to an increased work load within tbs ahaetnetnl shop.

A portion of the EAP training olassee have beanue to our training

annual leave during tgds period, although ths SA? staff officer bngllahbeingae requested by the SAP Chief Cf Maintenance

of astorlal eontrtlonoleta. Xbsodule ssby tbs Chief Of Supply to eoneolidate material sontrsl ipto eas voltet with oo problemsstsd that would not allow completion.

Ths rooolot of material sad requisition statue is Inorosoln,teedy rata,haa appexently aolrad tho majority of tho aoures jff^j't jirnhlmoa that plngcod tho ui la tho past. In fast, tho rooolpt of amtarial and status atapid rats iswi oopadm for tho KtT in that they are unable to proocos dioiamwilalliii fastm to tho lank of meraaiawT. Tho ui an attoaptlac to expedlto tho training of mow psraonnel being aaalgmedapply,


to ECS Dollar linos rooniring funds.

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aym* (localACO TU HBDTC Lt. Col. G. Doll


s!?ncdj. McLean it ,J. Mole on

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