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In viiiim. Contracting Officer" ContractCC*iDS/MSD

Technlaal ftayrceautatlT*

Control aad Inapeetion of

nnftwotlo PllfMa Within Vietnam

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Or-tlaanroD/rfflD datad J.1

OfMlalOBfirport Security Coamdttoo1

Coarmaalqa* Mo. i, of tho tSJI Airport Security Coa-aitte*1

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LatterJWAS of th* Control Section TS1 Airport ty Ca-atdttaa1

ooooan-onlad by nin or ta* inspection Tina, Tlaiiaa air Traf fir Tarsnnal oa1 toho mothodo aad proco-duraa utilised whereby oarn aadri to Decision Ho.nd relatedromm'gatod by to* Airport Sect-ritypertainingtho control aod iiwapactian of iadiTiduala smoifaatadoangara on *lr Aawm-Jaa'a nnm-iMu flight within tho kepicblim. Daring th* in'p^tion.ftt&hpfftffatvfft the Inspection Taati war* Utoroighly briefed by our Waaler Traffic Manager and oar Seemrlty Chief ony Air Aaworioa aod its Sponsoring Agvncy to preclad* attaarpta of violation ortlon of th* ragulatlooa pri-eutly ln fore*.

Jus an. lariitad Contractor providing aircraft charter earvlcea oololy aod *xolnsiv*ly la support of th* Unitedovernment undernn*iralt anna Program,rr1r* camxrt solicit, offer or provid* aircrafto the gaoeral public; all pnniiasimanifaatad on omr domaatic

flighte ar* epeosored by the *lr Operation* Division, aUCCCAdja/aBn andu tons obliged by its contractual obligations toite Contracting Agency dictates. It should be noted that tbeaboard oar aircraft are, for tbe noet pert, offloial at-ployaas ofStates Dora-nant, both cin Man end allltary, and/or tbe Oovernaootcontrolarn lad la that only properly

documented and sponsored ladivldualoalid reauireaant to travel are aafufeate4 ae paaaeugara to be carried aboard an sir Aawrlo* aircraft and than

ndgranted by the Air ikMklag Offiee of MACCOhXflyto Airalon.

In the aoura,lonaaassslsBaWHPat^cor^.rnlng tha control Drocadure.

oanUoyed by airraffio personnel relativeaaeenger's pro-flight processing prior to being allowed to board aa Airaircraft, tho following amasuree takan to ensure proper identification and control ofara explained| rls.l

paeaanger, irraspectlva of nationality, dealriag transportationAir Aaerica alroraft matravel request through thahie supervisor or department head to the Booking Office.Uter than three dayo prior to the date on which travel

travel request la reviewed by the cooking Office which,tha urgency of the trip aad the official station of th*the request, deternlnee th* priority status of the traveller and

tha flight tO bO taken.

0. Upon the determination reached laase anger naaif aat la

prepared aod forearded to Air Aaerica'a Traffic Department which contains the paaeanger'sdentity card aaaber, flight maabar, destination, etc. Coplee of tha naaifeat are jcovlded the aatiooal Police and Military Polios BUtiooed at the aaia IS* Airport Control Point and to the national Police pootod at Oat*Air Aaerica).

d. Open arrival at th* aala Control Point, the police compare thedentity Card naabor with that afcown on tho peeaenger nenifeetj UiUU correct, the pala than allowed to pi Qua ad to Gatewhere his Identity Card la again scrutinised) and thoote to the Air Aaerica Paeseoger Taralnal to ecaaaeaoe hie ore-flight obaek-in formaline a.

a. Whenithe passenger arrive* at the Air America Traffio Terminal ha praaanta hiaorn to tho Traffic Agent who ooaparea the information contained therein with tha individual's Identity Card aad the peeaenger naaifeat prepared by the Booking Office to encore that all la correct. At thla time the paceanger aarrendera hiaorn and laumbered Condition of Carriage (which alao aerveeoarding Pass). At the aaa* Ua* tho individuals luggage is weighed baggage Claim tickets are leeued to tha passenger.

The luggage la than loaded aboard tha alroraft under the supervision of AirTraffic aad Security perecon*!.

f. Upon tha announcanent of hla flight's departure th* passenger'a Boarding Poo* (Condition of Carriage) is laspoetad at th* Departure Oat* to confirm that it* amaber appaarath* passenger's nana in th* paaasnger manlfeet.

Tha peeeaoger la thany tha Traffic Agonturity Agent to tha aircraft where hla Boarding Passgain inspected before h* la allowed to board tha aircraft.

Jiwt prior to Vb* aircraft leaving th* parking romp, rat another spot cheek la Made to anaur* that all paoeeagero are accounted for aad that all la correct. oeltlv* determination iatha aircraft la then permitted to depart the area and taxi to ths runwayfor take off.

fcotai Th* names of Air America's Traffic and Security personnel who ars charged with the control of passengers war* provldad to tha Airport Security Committee by

We feel that tha procedures followed by the booting Office ofnd Air America Traffic and Security per soon elositive and affective control of passengers prior to their being allowed to board an aircraft assigned to any given flight. Moreover, tbatatua of poaaaogsrs and tha attendant security requirements and investigations conducted prior to their employment all but preclude ths poaelblity that any untoward action will ba attempted by aa individual whoa* travel ha* been sponsored by his departmant head and approved by tha Booking Offio* of Air Oparatlona Division,oD.

Por th* above reasons, then. Air America requests that ao exception ba granted whereby Air America will oa executed frou th* requirement ofontrol Log to th* Control Office of th* Airport Security Committee a* contained in. Plaase b* assured that th* measures sad procedures now in affect for tha control and inspection of paaaaagers will raaain in fore* and that Air America Traffic and Security personnel will exercise due caution and vigilance to obviate tha possibility of any violation or attempted contravention of existing law* and regulations enacted and promulgated by competent authority of th* Government of Vietnam.

Heretofore, Air America Traffic and Security personnel have not searched passengers' luggage or examined tha contacts thereof because our personnel poaaeea no legal right or authority to exercise polio* control error our passengers nor hasswsr been deputed to thorn by com potent authority to exercise such control. Passengers authorised by KACCOi-iS/toO booking Office to travel aboardar lea's aircraft are either official eeplnyeee of tha united States Government and tha Covexrsssnt of Vietnam or or* individuals who have received sponsor ship for such travel from ogenclaa of those Governments. Indeed, in tha eaa* of United States citizen employees of. Government who are members of the Diplomatic Corps possessing immunity against search or aelsure of their persons or possessions by virtus of reciprocal agreements between tha United States Government and th*of Vietnam relative to such matters; and because of th* Pentalataral Agreement0 relative to th* status. Military Personnel. cltlsen employees of. Government in Vietnam, ths persona exerclalag polic* control over this category of paseengers ore normally members of. farces Military Police. In tha case of Viet rumis* passangers travelling aboard our aircraft, both

f th* QVM and those sponsored by agencies of th* GVM, only agents Of tha Matlonal Folic* or other competent and entboriied personnel of other OfM lev snforassjant mpmntlmei hav* Juxiadictioa over Vlatnamsssn bothe fowl that it la Inconsonant with our role and etatus under our contract with tba United States Qowwj useut to net on behalf of thaof Vietnam and exorcise police powers over either United States cltiaans Or citizens Of tha faepublic of Vietnam.

It should ba noted that tha primary purpose of Air America's Security Deportment la to safeguard Air America's property and to deter theft andts "jurisdiction- lao th* area assigned to Air Inertrs, at Tan Son shut and only Air Americare subject to Its "control1'.

For the abora reasons, therefore, we request that Air America be exempted from tha requirement of svowrtntng it*oose* andaiver be granted whereby Its pasaengore will not be required to undergo such lDspsctiona on Air America's domestic flights within th* Republic because of their official status a* employees of the United State* Government and/or tba Government of Vietnam or by virtu* of their sponsorship for travel aboard Air America's aircraft by agenda* of said Governments. Plasms ba assured that Air America will continue to comply with the GVH regulations in force relative to tba control and inspection of passengers, sad their luggage, travelling abroad on any Air Americaflight.

Tour consideration of our request at your earliest convenience will ba appreciated.

Very trulyKFJUCA, ISG.

J. R. BarmhlmaX



Operation Branch American Embassy

Form VU-13

Condition of Carriage

Notice concerning Harmful Drugs

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