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Program Interagency Relationships Special Operations Group, Counter Intelligence Staff

Implementation of the Agency's program for collection and dissemination of information on foreign exploitation of domestic dissidence and extremismomplex series of interagency relationships. These fall Into the following categories: operational; dissemination of information; and provision of special studies, reports, and estimates.

A. Operational: Despite the disruption of liaison between the Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Springhe FBI has cooperated operationally with the SpecialGroup along three lines:

of FBI Sourcescommon (about lb cases since Januarybeen participation by the Specialin the briefing and debriefing of FBIand racial extremist sources whoas part of their undercoversuch travel (five cases, not Includedpreceding figure) has even beenmeet Special Operations Group needs. Travel

a major International antiwar

of Sources By the FBI: Incases, either in responsepecifica specific type of source for long-termby the Agency, or because an FBIhasood job for the FBI and whowork abroad has asked for it, the FBI has made ,FBI sources in this country forto the Agency and use abroad. Theresources now active abroad under Agencydirection.



3. Provision of Informant Leads To the FBI:onversebove* the Agency on occasion has provided the FBI with leads on possible informants in the United States onand dissident activity. Such leads arise from efforts to spot and recruit assets suitable for dispatch abroad against targets of this program.

of Information: Pertinentis disseminated as collected in responsestanding requirements of the FederalInvestigation, the Secret Service, and theand Naturalization Service. Most of thisgoes only to the PBI. Roughlyhat is responsive to specific FBISpecial Operations Group evaluates Itsby regularly checking with the FBI on itsand relevance. Counterintelligence ofis disseminated over the signature ofof CIA and Is sent, as appropriate, toHouse, the Secretary of State, the Attorneythe Director, Pederal Bureau of Investigation. White House addressee is the Counsel towho has special cognizance overwhen appropriate, the Information is also sent

/to the Assistant to the President for National Security XjfllS V Affairs.

of Special Studies, Reports, In the earlier phase of the program,and estimates were requested by and preparedPresident, his Counsel, and/or theuch special reports and estimatespreparedighly sensitive Interagencyphysically located within the Department of Justice

V"" and working on behalf of the White House. This is the

Intelligence Evaluation Committee, composed ofof the Federal Bureau of Investigation, theof Justice, theyS'ecret Service (on behalf of the Treasuryhe Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, and the Central Intelligence


Agency. The primary function of the Committee is the evaluation of domestic intelligence for agreed-on national estimates, and the levying of collection requirements related thereto. The CIA contributions are limited to the foreign aspects. The Chief of the Special Operations Group serves as thefor the Agency on the Intelligence Evaluation Committee Staff, and as the alternate to the Agency representative ln the Committee (who is the Chief, Counter Intelligence Staff).

NOTE: Special Problem: There is no writtengoverning the activities of FBI Legal Attaches abroad in dealing with foreign liaison services on collection of information on foreign exploitation of. dissi-dence and extremism. The DCI' hasolicy that the Agency is the action instrumentality ofn this field with foreign liaison services. In actual practice, the FBI levies pertinent requirements directly upon Its own Legal Attaches and may or may not come to Agency for assistance. An Informal, usually followed, agreement has been reached, under which the Agency handles FBI requirements ln this field' (a) in countries where there is no Legal Attache, and (b) in situations in which several countries are Involved (including countries in which thereegal Attache). Unilateral collection effort is requested of the Agency, however, whether or not thereegal Attache.


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