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SUBJECT: Vie! Cong (VC) Quang Ngai Province Prison Complex; Sightings. Prisoners There

The Vict Cong (VC) Quangrovince pri<on complex consisted of five separate prison camps located in the mountains in the southwestern corner ofistrict. The code designation. The complex received civilian and military prisoners; in late 2 It had. prisoner.

The military prison camp ateld Army of the Republic of Vietnamegional Forcesopular Forces (IT). prisoners. Uncooperative prisoners were bound most of the time, were confined, and received less food than cooperative prisoners. Cooperative prisoners were never-tied or abused, and were allowed free run of the camp. All except U. S. prisoners received a

daily food rationrams of rice and minute amounts of nuoc mam


and salt. The timp wasyctcri In aire, had fourand thatch structures and was surroundedwo-meter high bamboo fence. Thereen-man security force armed withifles. As of latehere wereRVN prisoners at this camp.

3. his military prison camp had had. prisoners captured in the Khe Sanh area. Inhree were sent to North Vietnam (NVK). Two declined to go to NVN in favor of remainingonors of the VC. Inne of. prisoners remaining In the camp tried to escape and was rrcaptured. lie was shot and killed after capture. He was aboutears0 meters tallound face, square chin, brown hair, blue eyes, light skin, and heavy build.le2. prisoner was still in the camp. He did not WOrt in food production, butrams of rice dally and additional foods. He waseighteightbut he was considered by the VC to be fat. He had blond hair, brown eyesquare faceointed chin. Althoughflfl personall) observed. prisoner, most of the information concerning thewas obtainedonversation with the Camp Commander Nguyen Dien.

ther camps

A. Theam Camp, nearcreening and interrogation center for all prisoners coming Into the prison complex. y 80

Jgjyjfjf Comment] The Joint Personnel Recovery Crrtrr (JJ'RC) has stated that9 there were. POWs known to be held in Ouang Ngai Province. Nine were Caucasianere Negro, but all were captured in Quang Ngal, Ouang Tin and lower Ouang Nam Provinces. One Negroaucaauna were releasedBBflBBaBHsf

Sf^9^ approximately

vocT^rio^totnTsana^sid that there were still. In the camp

(all Caucasian). Information available to JPRC Indicates that all personnel

captured InORPS are moved Into NVN (the ones from Khe Sanh

and Hue) or Into Laos (Lang Vel) and then north along ths Ho Chi Mirth Trail.

meters In site. It wit surroundedwo-meter high bamboo fence. It containedamboo and thatch structures andmar. tecurily force withiflet. All ttaff members were southerners. In i 2 there were aboutriconert,.


The Lang Thi Camp, nearor uncooperative prisoners. Prisoners were tied up all the time and received harah punishment frequently. It covered an area ofyas turroundedo-metcr high bamboo fence and had four bamboo and thatch ttructurec. Iten-man security force, and there worerisoners.

C. The Yen Tarn Camp, nearor cooperative prltonert. yeter's in aiae, it contained five bamboo and thatch structures,wo-meter high bamboo fence, anden-man security force. Prisoner* worked on foodand were guarded by two security personnel while outside the camp area. There wererisoners.

D. The Kuoc Bi Csmp, nearorprisoners being trained for assignments in VC military or civilian organisations.

JS&iliiS&BSffBBBy aise, il containeoTiveoarnboo and thatched structures, bad no perimeter fence but didive-man security guard. There wererisoners in this camp. The food production averagedng ofng of peanuts,ng of corn,ubstantial amount of manioc (one ang equals about six kilograms) per sixhis food was stored at the production sites and twice yearly transportation personnel of the Quang Ngal Province unit came to take the food.

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