Created: 8/2/1972

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John Chancellor (C) Richard Bissell (B)

C) Mr. Bissell, GuatemaAa^-and what the United Statos and the CIA

did there, came within your tenure at the CIA. Do youuccess?

B) o.

C) Can you tollittle more about ityou regard it as


B) 1 give you first an answer which may be slightly

bureaucratic in its tone: but that--in the case of thatas of other large operations, the wholeof the executive branch of the governmentreason of its nature, the CIA had an assigned role, whicha major role in that operation. .ay it's athe assigned role was carried out substantially aswas one sub-incidenton't wish towhich an action was taken that went beyond theof policy,ention it only because you can'tr overt for that matter--of this scope,boundaries of policy around them, and be absolutelythose boundries witi never bc overstepped. Thethe case of the Guatemala operation, the onem awareturned out to be of little significance and to doand minor financial damage to the United States, orelse for that matter. ay that it was, fromof an organization commissioned toob,.'M'^

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