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UOCEconomic Section

Soviet-Owned Fims in tho West

In accordance with your request for infomatlon on Soviet-owndin thonisting of all such firmsoneron of their operation. terial is unclasr-tf icd except those paragraph* classified rt^caratoly. rInformation onl iniurmice ttcw Soviet Tntrrruittonal w* Insurance, ER

Economic aosearch

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Soviet-Owned Firms incst


Garant_: Garantienna based subsidiary of the Administration of Foreign Insurance of the USSR Ungosstrakh). Entirely owned by Jngosstrakh, Garant specializes in the reinsurance and credit guarantee insurance of exports to the USSR and Eastern Europe. While the Austrian government had oreviously placed restrictions on the scope of the firm's insurance operations, we have no information concerning any restrictions which may have been placed on Soviet personnel based in the Vienna office. The chairman and six of the eleven directors are Soviet nationals, with the rest of the firm's personnel presumably comprised of Austrian citizens.


Konela: Konela was formed by the USSR tod service soviet automobiles sold in Finland. TheV headquartered in Helsinki, but ooeratcs sales and service centers throughout Finland. The firm appears to be entirely Soviet owned. Although Konela has continued to expand, actual Soviet presence is presumably limited, with moot of the technicians consisting of Finnish personnel trained in the USSR.



Russebols: Russebois is engaged in the purchase and sale of timber and timber products in France. Acting as the sole Soviet agent in this field, the firmillion in trade between the USSR and France No information is available regarding the number of Soviet personnel involved in the operation or the share of Soviet ownership. Presumably the firm, whichirect agent for the USSR, is largely Soviet-owned.

Pogo and Sogo and Company was established8 to handle all USSR-French trade in essential oils and Soviet exports of chemical commodities. Gross sali^ toppedillion

Actif-Ayto: Actif-Avto was incorporated inhandle sales and service for Sovietond other agricultural equipment sold The firm is jointly owned by thetrading organization TRACTOROEXPORTthe French farm cooperativeSoviets contributingillion towards theinitial investment. The firm is headed bywhile the positions of Executiveand Vice President for Finance are heldnationals. Some "Soviet engineers are

Stankofrance: Stankofrance was formed1 as the USSR's agent for the sale of Soviet produced metal-cutting and forging equipment in France.

Banque Commcrciale pour 1'Europe du Nordhe Paris based bank is entirely owned by the USSR. Operatingrench director, the Board of Directors is composedombination of French and at least one Soviet national. 5 BCENtaffmployees, only three of which were Soviet. Current employment is estimated to be, with the Soviet presence presumably largely unchanged.


stankoitaliana: Stankoitaliana was established in1 to promote the sale of Soviet machinery in Italy. The firm was capitalizedith

the USSRnd the. Stankoitaliana will be headquartered in Milan and was scheduled to begin operations early this year. The president is Italian, with Soviet nationals serving as vice president and as two of the councilors.


Transworld Marine Agi-ncy: The USSR recentlyranch oi the Antwerp based Transworld Agency in Rotterdam, whileNetherlands government has refused to allow the establishment of an independent Soviet firm in Rotterdam, the USSR hopes that eventually the Rotterdam branclihich currently only handles ihe interests of tho Antwerp

the i

no were to

be sent to Rotterdam to manage the branch, the Soviets assigned to Rotterdam may initially be forced to reside in the Antwerp area.

Elorg BV: Elorg BV wis recently formed to sell Soviet computers in the West and to export combinations of Soviet computers and US peripherals to both the West and the USSR. The USSRnterest in the firm, with the remainder by the Dutch firm Datacon NV. Elorg BV is located in Hilversura, with no information available or. tho coranos it ion or size of

the staff.


Konela Horge Rill: Konela Horge Bill was established by the USSR to handle the sales and services of Soviet produced cars sold in Norway- Similar in operation to Konela of Finland, the firm maintains commercial and technical centers in Oslo and Drammen.


Soyispan: Sovispan was Jormed to servicefishing fleet operating in the Canary The firm is "jointly ovmed USSR

and tho Spanish firms Vapores Suardiaz and


Matreco Bil Ab: l is another offoreign automotive sales ana servicefirmommercial and technical center Presumably Soviet presence is the operations managed by Swedish



Woachod l7.chod Handelsbank was established in Zurich The bank is entirely owned by the USSR, but like other Soviet-owned banks, is stalled by Western personnel. Approximately three Soviet, nationals are included on tho bank's governing board. Initially capitalized atillion, paid up capital has increased to roughly million.

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