Created: 8/16/1972

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OAK DIM*. August2

jighting of Two. Captured American Pilots i- 'Z-^CV^d


aaco who kcrV'sssignc'c: *pone area. About^Ban Xaw. Eaong *_ "-

war<PO*"s) were "brought'to the Savannnkhet Provi-nclal of the Patbet Lao<PL) in the aboutilometers northwestuff's were guarded bv the four PLtbe Provincial Bqs And worked'in thevillagers irom Ban Dongbang(KD) and Danere assembled at tho Has0 hours where theythe POff's andhortoa the.f the Provincial Military Sc*^.



J that the POP's sere American pilots who had been captured by tbe PL after they bad parachuted iron their jet aircraft which had been shot down'in the Tchepone area. Llnthong stated that the Americans were committing acts of aggression against the Lao people,and the proof of this was -be presence of tbe American POW's.

in the area for one hour andistance of ten yards. Ko one in the assembledallowed to upeak with the POW's. Tocy were closely guarded

by tbe PL pollcenen but were not tied or restrained in any atanner. 'Llnthong Said that the POW's were to be taken by vehicle to Blah Tram0 hours on tho same day from where they were to be taken to Korth, the SavannakhetHas Chief of Police, said that the POV's had been Id the Provincial Hqs area for one day after tbeir arrival froa Tchepone and bad been fed rice and canned neat while there.

POW's were dressed in green PL uniformssaid were provided by the policenen'ln Tchepone.were tbe largest size available to the PL andfit fairly well. Tbe POW's were not wearing si: es,or Jewelry of any type. Both were Caucasians One wasyears old andeavy build. He weighedas0 asters tall. He bad short light browncomplexionound face and a'pointed nose.eard or austacbe. Theasndhin build. He weighedilogranseters Itall. Be had light brownuddya narrowa sharp nose which wasHis hair was about six centimeters long,and heeardich was about two and one-halfIt appeared that be had not shavenew dnvs mustache and beard appeared well trimmed. Both POW's were

la good physical condition.

Diosea. Embassy,ARKATT, AIBAIT at Vientiane. Sent HACV. 7TH AF, b AF, TFA/HKP,

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