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Korth Vietnam fAl.^



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I 1m AtD hours on tn ur-kr.cvn date In lata !lay IV

B9EasAMfi*sBsi "hisvt srito:SSSBK did rot lenow tho Ore-'orinn Calendar data hut ho asou-ned It was) m. tho start ofy Hargoat, fjfljRSfftfljSSflSWy

observed a . pilotarachutento 3cr.Fieldf than Kghia Haslot. Son Loiirh Xuyen District, VIrh Phuo Province, Korthot and killed while naming hie descent. JtESSZBBBBKF had been Inbulldintj, that was vithlii sight or where tho pilot landed andde his observation afteroud explosion and cor.irg cut tot had har.pened. Ho aaw the pilot as ho vas descending and up to the point Just before ho larded and at thottte hoorth Vletnaxese Arnynti-Airoraft unit stationed at Hung Cachpen fire. Shortly afterd ot-hor people Ir tho areuc theits snd found that the pilot's dead bod strippedovered across the riddleiece of cloth by nonboro of ths Anti-Airoroft, vas laid out there.The pilot body had three wounds in tho hood snd seven wounds In tbe leftasd jtUnbors cf theaidad shot bin while psrachntlnj because they were afraid that he roijjit kill sorwone In. an Bttorapt to eaci.po capture hed. Sffff

Hap reforer.oo:HV,dt. 1AMS, Scalei

landed and he rjido hla observation afteroudcordng cut toat had happened. He eaw the pilet aadescending and up to the point Just before he larded andsaxe tine hoorth VietnameseVA)unit stationed at Hung Shortly thor people Ir the

area went tc the landing alteound that theeadand covered across the Riddleiece of clothof the Antl-Alroroft, was laid outhehad three wour.da in tho hoad end aeven wounds in the lefti bars cf the Aneaidad ahot binbecause they were afraid that ha ml;yht killan attc;.pt to escape capture once he landed* rofereroe:V,tj, Edt. 1AMS, Scale' "

2* The pilot appearod to ba aboutears old,5 notera tall, welched aboutrams, and had chert curly brown hair* .Ha baded and whiteA'oout one week after the observation, the Bitfa Xuven Dlatriot llllitia unit*

il tsMt/^ian in iMAMr1 ;jllcicptali. a.

'caflra cf thecr District.raining Section nrried ffikffg^ can- to theilc.


:dy was lfljlnn et0 hours the ion* day end tcok Loturea of tho boJy. This csdre had beenlleutorant li. the ipa asehen Japan occupied

4* Militiamen of the arearave and hurried tho pilot li.field whoro he larded. gZgKfL'V7fjfr

'.t etay In the area to aeo the pilot burbled but he passed

"the area agein savors! days later andround where the

vllltlar,er. hod bssn digging the grave* At that tine nilitlanen

vho were in the area told hir. that the pilot had been burbled

without a *

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