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SUBJECT: f Two. Personnel In South Vietnam, One of Whom May Have Died in Captivity, and Poislble Suicidehird Prisoner

prisoners of war (POWs) at the 1st North Vietnamese Army (NVA)hospital near Chu Be Mountain (neare ThanhProvince, South Vietnam. The Americans had reportedlyorested area about eight kilometers west of Duee Thanh District, by the 2nd Company, 7thRegiment. 1st NVA Division. The NVA Company had beenDue Co Special Forces camp when It clashedontagnardUnit to which the Americans were attached ae advisors.-

a Negro; ^

twoaucasian and

.^Jj the third American had commuted suicide by bitinj

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hit tongue shortly after he was captured.


the prisoners because they were wounded, exhausted and unwilling to talk. The Caucasian prisoner died of dysentery at the hospital three days after be was captured. The Negro was evacuatedetention camp of the Central Office for South Vietnamoabout the detention camp.

description of each of the Uyce American prisoners

prisoner who reportedly committeda lieutenant according to his identification card,name and serial number were not recalled. Amongeffects taken from this American, was aof himoman. The man in theto be aboutears old, Caucasian, with aand light complexion. According to his captors,had been wounded in the right thigh duringand they had evacuated himite nearbycommitted suicide. He was later buried at this

Caucasian prisoner who later died in thewas aboutears old. Ho weighed0 meters tall and had an oval face, lightbrownong straight noseaircaptured he was slightly wounded in the neck. VC interpreter this prisoner said that he wasortar element and that he was astudent majoring in chemistry when he wasf

Negro prisoner weighed aboutilos andmedium build; he had black, curly hair, an oval faceeyes. He had been wounded slightly in the leftsaid he was an E4 attachedrtsr

*'a sl-nwn Ok- Joint Pci onnel Recovery Center

said that the Individual listed1 resembled

roost the man whose photograph he had seen.)

l,ir"*tedonhe JPRC POW photo album resembled this prisoner most.)

JPRC commented that the action which(^Qcttes in this report commenced on? nearnd involved elements of. 4th Infantry Division. According to JPRC. among those men who were

carried as Missing In Action (MIA) out of this incident wereP4 Martin S. Frank,P4FC Richard R. Perricone.FCFC Stanley A. Newell,nd SP4 JamesBendegon,ormation onhree

prisoners appears to be enough evidence to identify only-one of the men with any degree of certitude. JPKC's comments on^BJPdescriptions o( the prisoners are provided below:

(A. The first man described could possibly be SP4 Frank who Is married and who meets the same general physical description and age, though not the rank of lieutenant. SP4 Frank Is listedIA,

(B. Identification of the second man is sketchy at best. PFC Stanley A. Newell and SP4 Van Bendegonesemblance to the photo whichlB^identified and both these men are carried

captured. Theited for the prisoner byWKKfi* of little value since the remaining five personnel were alloears of age. None of these menniversity student in his third 'year, but SP4 Van Bendegon had completed three years of high school education, took academic courses and preferred algebra and general science.

(C. The ihird man seen by fBBsVdentifiedhis race. Sgt. McMurray was the only Negro amongin this action. His physical description agrees withby' but not hisor 8'ade. Sgt. McMurrayas

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