Created: 8/13/1973

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Rcnaat Antoon VAH ELSLANDE (Phonetic: van ELSlanda)

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Addressed as: Mr- Minister

Renaat vanecame Minister of Foreign Affairs in the tripartite coalition government formed in January Amember of the Flemish wing of the Social Christian Party

e is the first Flemish Foreign Minister in the history of Belgium. He had previously served as Minister-State Secretary for Cultural Affairs, Minister of Culture, Minister of European Affairs and of Flemish Culture, and Minister of Interior. For overears heeputy in the Chamber of Representatives, where he was president of the Flemish PSC group before entering the Cabinet


to European integration and committed to the NATO alliance, Van Elslande has stressed the need toialogue in NATO between Europe and the United States, which he says must be equal partners in the alliance. Publicly agreeing with Dr. Henry Kissinger's analysis of the changing world scene and of the need for new approaches to US-European relations. Van Elslande has also underscored the vital importance of the security shield provided by NATO and US nuclear power.

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orator and linguist, ne speass Frencn, German, English and Italian, in addition to Flemish. He enjoys bridge, long walks, sports and American automobiles. Married, he has four children.


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