Created: 7/26/1973

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GREECE: Concern expressed over Papadopoulos'ing power as plebiscite nears. (Page 5)

GREECE: In the last days before the expected ratification of the new Greek republic by plebiscite on Sunday, George Papadopoulos1 opponents and even some of his associates are concerned that he may be attempting to gather too much power in his own hands

One of the regime's more vociferous critics, Dimitrios Stamatelopoulos, is said to beove against Papadopoulos before he gains even more power as president- of the main recruiters forith theew years later, but heoyal following within the military. The chief of the military police, Dimitriossupport will be essential to the newother key military leaders also are reluctant to giveeven-year hold on the loannides, however, does not appear tolear plan of action to block Papadopoulos' rise to the presidency. He has been credited withStamatelopoulos fromoup in the past, but

conceivably could be

loannides' way ot saying that he wouldoup attempt if one were made.

armed torces alert began ort is JUiy ana willtinue throughuly, but thisormalunder the circumstances. On balance, most army officers still appear to support Papadopoulos, for lack of an attractive alternative. Papadopoulos himself seems unconcerned and is proceeding with

plans for his new government.

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