Created: 6/30/1973

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tCHILE: President Allende etanda to profit from the ill-conceived military rebellion that collapsed less than three hours after it began yesterday morning. '

The revolt was attempted by the Santiago-based econd Armored Battalion in the apparent hope that the rest of the military and the police would join. Instead, the bulk of the army and the carabineros came to the government's defense and the rebels surrendered when loyal troops arrived at thepalace.

Allende may now be able to purge known plotters and other enemies from the armed forces and thus frustrate serious coup-plotting that has been under way among officers opposed to the government. Army com*lander Prate and other armed forces leaders will emerge with an enhanced public image as defenders of constitutional order. On the other hand, their chances of obtaining major concessions for returning to the cabinet may now be reduced. Allende could, therefore, solve his current political crisis by maneuvering the military back into the government on hia own terms, 1

esterday's events may also strengthen Allendc's hand in dealing with hia increasingly obstreperous Communist and Socialist aupporters. He can now claim to have survived an attempted military coup without the aid of their street brigades.

The abortive revolt certainly will beto those opposition elements who have been trying to provoke military intervention by fostering atrlkee, vlolance, and economic dls-

Jun 73

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