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Soviet Uo* ofSyenite Pro a

tbe Soviet Union has long been Interested in tha sexploitation of non-bauxite ores. Inoneaa vas developed for the aatallurglcal aaa of alkalina eyenite rocks, involving taa oaa of line to aohlavo daconpoaltlon of elualnoeillcatea in the alkaline rocks. Products of the reaction vara found useful for theof cenont, soda, snd potash. Tbe nigh yield of by-products, in feet, provided the incentive for further study of oephellns syenites despite their low alumina content. Industrialof oophollnn syenite ores fron tha Kola Peninsula vas initleted at an alualna facility ln Volkhov (near Leningrad) ln the. nother alualna plant employing Xola Peninsula naphellne eytmitee vaa put into operation at Plkalovo (also naar Leningrad). Tho aoale of operations at these tvo plants ia Halted.

Tha Sovlat Union also haaarge-scale project for exploitation of nopheline syenites la Eaatarn Siberia near the largo alualnon plants vhlch have bean built to take advantage of tha inexpensive hydroelectric power in the region. The project involves constructionlane, located at Achinsk (near Krasnoyarsk on tho Trans-Siberianlanned annual capacityons of alualna. Ataple supplies of limestone, required ln the procesoing of nephelincs, aro available la the area. Tho nine site for tho napholine syenite ore Isto the southwest of Acatnafc.

The concept of the Achinsk Plant end preliminary plans vara formulated in. Work on the project raportedly vas started as barly6 but until well intoonstruction was largely Halted to housing for vorkers and other infrestructure including facilities for the maaufactum of buildlag materials. In theork vas startedilot plant. Numerous chango* and nodificatione vera made Id the overall design and flow ecoesn ofplant aa vail as in tha design of individual facilltlee for crushing, leaching, sintering, and matorlals handling. It vas not6 that trial operations ware completed and designs and technical documentation prepared for the full-scale plant. Haay deleye vera encountered inof various portions of the large industrial complex at Achinsk which reportedly covers an area ofhouaand acres.owever, tho plant became operational, producing alualna as well ae cement, aoda, potaaeluav chloride and potassium aulfata. By the end2 construction of facilities reportedly vas essentially completed but satisfactory results apparently vare not boing achiovod. Inop Soviet planning official citad the- Achinsk Alumina Combineeading example of ma installation iu oonfurrous metallurgy where serious shortcomings existed in tha processing of rav materials.

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