Created: 7/13/1973

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guyana: burnham marching

ide margin of victory forPeople's National Party in the generalonuly have diminished, and the voteto be closer than Prime Ministerbeen predicting. He may again need thevote, whichhoain a

Although four parties have submitted lists of candidates, the race is essentially between Burnham'sed party and theEast Indian People's Progressive Party, led by Marxist Cheddi Jagan. The opposition parties were unable to agreeommon list of cand'-ates. but they have agreed to .challenge novern-ment efforts to pad its

ounter. Jagan may instruct histo surround polling places and block access roads to force election officials toount before the ballot boxes are taken totabulating centers. He probably hopes to avoid clashes with government security forces, but his younger followers may decide to move on their own. Violence has occurred already, and more is likely as the hour to vote draws near.

The East Indian support Burnham has been counting on will be reduced by the resurgence of the racial Issue. Some Cast Indians in the large-cities will still vote fc him. oa'tlv hacauut hit party is in

jdfity remim loyai to Jjg^TevirMnough tew share his Marxistew dissatisfiedmany middle-classturn to the small multi-racial Liberator Party: the relatively few anti-Burnham blacks are likely to


support the People's Democratic Movement. The Prime Minister reportedly hasast-mmute effort to attract the support of business groups that appeared to be leaning toward the Liberator Party.

ixi any raw.acial animos-

hat hasarge factor in keeping the country ec->norriK3llyurido^dfjC^ to continue

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