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SUBJECT i >totivly Beport,3

Please find attached herewith, the Phnom Penh Station Monthly Beport for

V.J. Griffis

fhnom iunh, Khmr Republic Monthly Report3

A Giacuosicc was held this avrjtfa between MBJTC and responsible authority at RAP Heoicunreere and RAP Chiof of Maintenance to attempt toractical eolation to alleviate the poor ope rational/ re ady rate) of all alroraft in particular. It vaa pointed outriae contributing factor was the poor attendance record of XAF offioero snd seohanioa. Be cults of oada aeotdng ens quickly forthecodng es therearked improveaant ln attendaco* Of all departaentaefinite change of attitude which in turn has slightly laprovad alroraft availability over preceding eonth. Ua have high hopes that this "shot in tho era" willasting effect snd not urn out toemporary panacea.

AddiUonal results of the meetingtepped-op end consistent cleaning prograa'. In the past, the hangars and flight line/ramp area werehorough cleening priorIP inspection and would deteriorate to previous condition after the inspection. Apparently the issehenioa were given the word to keep all areasresentable appearance at all times, es currently tha hengaro snd flight line are being cleaned at the clone of each days operation and all equlxoaait put beck in their proper location.

Us received badly needed ground support eculpnent whichenhance our over-ell maintenance capability and greatly contribute to loseenlng alroraft down tine; In tha poet, oonaidsrahle time has been lost in all department waiting fox epuin-nent which vaa being utilised by another department or waa out of commission, and no replacement available) some of this Oouipnent was sent to svtpport reoaixenenta of off-etation Bane.

At the present Una thereotal ofA and oneD alroraft at rbchentong Air Base whose repair ia beyond this suctions capability." Itbe necosaaxy te decide in the near future whet should be done with those alreraft whether to send out-country for repair or remove fron inventory ond place with the rest of thehis is necessary in order to create adequate perking apaoe for the additional aircraft expected in the future.

CnS>aa stolen fron rbchentong Air BaaeAF pilot who attempted to drop his boaab load on the Presidential Residence', fie adaaed his aark and bonbearracks adjacent to tho Residence, Mljfjuj end wounding nany persons; theoute of the alroraft ia unrncaer.

Poll owing this incident, ell alroraft were groundederiod ofaysT

Oae (l)lroraft was received fron. this nonth snd more ere expected to arrive in April. It is hoped that all aircraft are in aeonditlon ee this first alroraft; the anoke removal installation is inn tolled and noreoulred for mounting guns.

Activity re suaegrograms.

showed sa ijaproveannt in all phase of operation and m

incrosee of the operuttonal/realy rate over last aonth.

A total ofngine changes wore oospletod butircraft, includingodifioationo (oonvereion fornre atlll wgdtiiig for replaocaantotal of tan ClOj engines.

Maintenance Control was sdrlsed earlier in the aonth to nonitor aircraft flight tlaee nore closely to avoid hunching up eirernft input. Inspections -especiallyircraft. opt thia proved to no avail as at one tine,ircraft were input for aervicc at saneaentiy, this reflexa on the opernUcDal/readv) rstc.

A snoks reaoving kit waa installed inAromft 6X2 shortly after arrival froa Thai-An. There le otill one (l) kit ay allsole snd will be installed on tho next aircraft duringInspection. There Isotal ofircraft with the kit installed which leaveset to be completed.

Thin waa another alow nonth for8 progmn. The total flying hours was less than previous aonth duo to the grounding cf si! aircraft forays following the bcabing Incident on

. conplience regarding the wing spar cap Inspection is still in progress and should be cospletsd somRtiaca inhere arcodel alrornft not yet conplied with.

Tho parts problonod els continue to plaguet present tineircraft are groundedBS) for nose wheel aaseablles', unfortunately,one wheele ere not internhongeeble (the fork sod axis aesesbllea would have to beod the posihllity oforta in this area of the world is nllj consequently, such tins is lost waiting for parts to arrive from

There Is stilllrereft waiting for gun pod nose sectionsircraft in need of the couplet* gun podollow-up sassegos have been cent regarding reoulaitions and hopefully ell neceeoary porto awl naoanblies will arrive in near future.

Proa ell reports received tfcn training pro gran ot Tsklis going along snootily ond no outstanding difficulties ae for so training tho iap personnel In concerned, has bean encountered.



* ire vaa one Incidentraining flight involving8an placed en the alroraftorn which dan aged the left aileron and caused alight wrinkling to wing skin; the aircraft lo now under-going special inspection. It ia suspected that trainee pilot night have inadvertantly hit elevator trie button on control atick.

keeping up with porta zeoulresweate at Toklie isifficult problen.* The nojority of the tine we do not have the ports in stock, therefore it ia necessary to roaove (cannibalise) fron ether alroraft. This is tine consuming and difficult due to the fact that corauhal' thtl cc authorisation in acre difficult to obtain than in tho,past duo to inplenentation of new procedures. Alao tho delivery of parte to Takli laending parte. military alroraft is under consideration^

The President of ths Hello Aircraft Company visited Takli and Pochentong Air Base thin nonth and was lap roe sod with ths progress of therogram^

Thise-shuffling of their chain of ooeousnd, affecting all grades. This affect on ell personnelefiniteof norale baa been noted;

To further bolster the norale, promotions have bean generously passed out in all sections snd capacities.

The UP Main tun anno draftere coepletad during the nonth and11COTA" for eoooaents. Thoy will bo additionally reviewed

prior to final


A new clerk was interviewed and hired for the SSP.fter he isCompany Procedures the Planningwill then spend all of

his tine at Main tan

As previously reported tha IrftT Peraoanol continue to adhero to the "low profile" image ea desired by CMrERTC.


The moralo has dote rioted scan what enong tha WIT Peracnnel aoetly doe to the increase coat of living sod the temporary cancellation of up Supply flights to OTH. Tho supply flight is important to LMIT in that the station allowance checks end sons involve.

. rice aid otter otapler pins sons personal nail vaa being novodflight. During discussion with KAP Head Quarters we are hopeful to getor aore regular Baalsfuture depending on whether SAP are able toGidit clearances aa much trouble in past to obtain. lan in Process to chock feasibility of moving Company Mail Pouch viawhich will solve aeon

The LHAT noralohot in ihe era this nonth due to the re-organisation of the Si? Maintenance officers.

Tho new regime appears nore receptive to recommendations than tho prsTious officers. It appears thatre becoming nore aotivotod than in past. The oleotrlo shortage reswxina about the sons in the city with slight improvement.

This has on effect cn living conditions in this area but to dote nothing fira as to when as by who it will be accoaplished.




We continue to enjoy excellent relation with the customer and higher echelone of The resignation of our new EOT Advisor mr.arker. Afterhort torn of employment was accepted In profcosionel style by "COTAje has again voiced concern over the charging of personnel on the team.

CnQL, loner Teachers snd students wereeeting ot thebuilding. Shortly oftor the meeting has started,and grenades were thrown snd exploded Inside the building. Confirmed reporte statedtudento died snd several persons were Injured'.

Oa the aame day,oud explosions were heard at the vicinity of the Khmer President Ion Hols' residence. Confined reporte stated that one (l) Bnwr Air8 aircraft toilried topslm" bombs to the Pre tridents' residenee. The bombs sdoeed ito target and landed at the Inner Amy barracks. There werecsofirnsd dead end opproxinatoly moraersons were injured.

Pilot of8 aircraft obiiiihhbhbbsbbbbbbsbbbbbsM

After the Pilot dropped the bombs, be was able to estdgatlon still In progress during this reported

bl>teas> hoaiptalized3 with suspectedendwithin few* amgg as it wna necessary for hla to regain his strength

.eparted for annual leave3 and reported for duty on

afl ^< tmoa PenhFebruary to neat coll order rucnJJenont. lr. spec tor Spccdallet rofarence Be denarted Fhnon Penh on let

lead Phnom Penh on3 to meet coll order reouireaeotublication Specialist Be departed Phnom Penh on lot

eparted for annuel leers an*





TECHNICAL szx.1ce3

Hoteparate report on Duur Air Force Teobnioal Services furnish to Customer.

Bot applicable.


Hoteparate report on Khmer Air Foroe Flight Tine furnish to Cus toner.

P^erP pgA^TUEE fiHJ ^ffiffflqi OF PHgg

Hot sp pile able'.

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