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MDXfC - 3

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SUVSCT i Monthly3

The workload for thr Month of Hot continued to increase, thio ln port duoumber of reasons. Th* UP has on IntanalTa Technical Training Project ln progress which took nany of the noat qualified Toefanieiana froa ths setaal Halnteoanoa ranctiona. Tha growth of tho KIT aaotlaoas te expend withaircraft arriving. The Maintenance Sectlcna were further hampered by tha lacrosse inarts. Many high ueage lteoo in Supply where exhausted and la soso saaee were not on requisition until all stock was exhausted, with the long load tlaa for delivery of parte thla hoeoaoo critical la trying to Baintain anata. The parts ehortaga is further sggrevated by the ralnctanoa of UP Supply to prooaeo the repairable iteaa to be shipped to repair facility and returned. Thie has been covered nunercus tines with Chief of Sepply.

In addition to above, no speelfle prooedure te eet nrlorltiee by Maintenance alas affectsate. Thla Is eaaaed primarily by operations as they do not always give Maintenance the next days aircraft reouireaant. It has beanenna didi plana bo set on each squadron and aeintenanee should provide tbat nanhsr, if not then the reason, whatever, should bo investigated and resolved.

1 neetlng was held at Base Ooaacnder's Office between UP Maintenance, Supply and iMir aspreaentctivea on The aeetiag was to brief all eon-eemed en the new requisition procedures, recently written by OUT. The pro-eeduree were agreed too by dl concerned and placed late affectban thoaa procedures bee one folly laplsnented they will replace the Rap-Hasard Bathed ef requisitioning and fellow ap procedure's need previooely.

Tho present Arnanent Build-Op area was dissoased with the Bess Cconander and plans are underway to relocate, it wee also dlscaaocd to relocateighterc te

bO armed for adsslOOS SBd scramble alert. The preeent lOOatlOO presents many

eefety ha sard* to aircraft snd personnel.

i mi alien offthe chop* buildingTTl aaaaUihas beea dia.-ueeed kltfa Ease Commander


basia satarials ere available la UP Supply (Pochentong) but there' appears to be eoao reluctance to use those materials for thio purpcee.

It is ertruaolv laporUot to get thlo repair project acrlng, da* to tho rainyaoer. Without tho repair onch eonlpeent will bo dwupd duo to leaky roof j, oadwindows. Tho tsst equ lpsent ood radio spsrec aarad will oor* than pay for tho expenditures to rapalr tho boAldlng not to neat ion tho pessibIs increase la down tlao of alraraft duo to wator doaag* cf tho equtpsnat.

Actirity roouaa017 Aircraft

7 progrsn otlU roaaloo tho aeot troablo-aoao area and until tho supply Probloa le alleviated, will eoatlnue on eaaoel. There ere stilllraraft without anginas installed due.nd eessponente not in stock. Of these aircraft require modificationsngines, an additional aircraft which requiree end engine due to oaddea stoppage on IX engine with the tallause an oseldsnt daring landing, tho extend doaogeo will temporary repair by Cheetentel nsshnnleo ee that ths aircraft ton bo sent to Thai-an for anjor repair.

7 aircraft was rocoirod. this Booth which new brings tho tonal toircraft raced red in the poet nenthsi It is new In the process ef acceptance, inspection which performed In Heavy BalnteraQco.


The Cperatlonal/Ieady ratelrereft various very little each nonth and recmlnsairly consistent lorel, any exceptional down tlao Is das te prlssarily to parts shorten*

as of this writing th-re ore otillodsl groended (BOBS) broke and nose steering Donp unit.

ircraft are still waiting for eaeplotlon of aandotory spar cop and landing gear braoc shaft Inspection, thsss shoold be eoaplotod sosotlao in Juno.


Oneas seat to Takhli froa rOebcntong Air Base snd la bow aodor-goingpoctIon. There isotal of) aircraft sUtlensdre still grounded awaiting parte, at presort. It io still difficult to keep op with the porta reoucot from Takhli and canalbalisatloo is required to fill the requests.


be experienced two accidents this nonthrogrsa. On* occldsnt involveduring landing in roohontong air Base Aircraft will he rapniredhentong Air Baa* with ths capability of IAF Bochanlee. Tho other accident inrolTedt Battonhong Station and the extant ef denege lo aot known and how the accident occur


Ttwr* lanttheaa*1 fnaelaa* JltSrapair ta* ten fuaelaa* dnuaeed ia taa Heavy halateoaawse Icovaar. Taa plaaa far taa* scheduled to a* eeepleted by

af Traa True Br*

as ta* aa*

were yam Sera ahaatenes InepeeAUau


Tlaa taool ariaaa Sioek Supply1 knaper aaalaa afftaa apaaa aaauiltall laa aalsione roe peaeiaienl.


la prrrioualr reported aaa laa ap ail aaaa aaa aftaa ladjffarsati af |iiiaeoa*e1 la, atlll axiata. Taa ladlfftronso la probably aaaaaaar af'aaa*at, it le felt ta* aar* yawaleat aaaa ara aarele aan aUaalallaa. Tata la net anly tree in hoi irt arena* but ether Oepartanaate a* wall.

Ia tbe peat it aaareported aaar tlnaaosplete lareatcrr af Supply ia in order bat te dote there aaa aaaalea in tala araa.

Taa Sapylr^aiantral that required iniraaa aaa baere to prepare aura fleleaed la2 atlll bare aet ban leeOaanert**. Tbeee aaat be laplaeertia laaaaiately la eruer telea tlaa bath preaaat aaaf net Uaa thealll anaeteriorate.

ontrol aaa Material MelatonaDce Central (KMC) aar* relocated to fliafct lln* auriar the aaath aaa it la fait thla -ill oped up tha Halatenance recuaa tlnaa aadlaaer control erer tha alreraft


Par the aeeth ef May, aaly taa 9thBrevet SuperUar and taa ataxllahseeoneted, Thla la daa te leak af enffleleet lx*truetera. Taa 9thalaaa wblaftwithtudente la reduced to al after tha walausentetodante te otady oe^eeontry. Thla alaaa will ba ooapletcd evrine the 3ndJuno bat la baa kept tha fear available lent rect ore very bear thereby aaJdaatbe aebeeaOlae; af aore eoareee aa arlrAnally plaaaod la the Masterfor

Tha Bngllsh classes, two imsIosi af two boars oscb has boon resumed. Tbs Beater of students woro likewiso reduced ds* to students sent oat-eouotry. The progress of tbsss English elssses srs very grmdsnl snd slow. The first elsss whichebruary are now In, Booh III while tho 2nd class whicharch are new In Bock II. Student attendance Is pretty fair considering ths Tarlews details the students hare to undergo.

Todate, all training records hare been consisted for the finished ccorses. en-porary filing box nade of slunlnun was inproTised to keep the records until such tineiling cabinet will be available.

Training Acconpllshed

go. efof Trng





Tho primary prcblcn atlll lice in the lack ef sufficient instructors. equest ferdditional instructors to replace those which were reassigned has been repeatedlj node, but op to ths present, no action haa been taken. Thla preblea will greatly affect the scheduling of nore courses.

Badly needed eonlpneat and materials are etlU unavailable. Thla equlpaeat has not prevented tbs holding of classes but It adversely effeete the efficiency of this section snd ths Quality of instruction being conducted.


s. To schedule nore courses upon ooupletlon of tbs 9th Promotion, Brevet Snpcticnr class.

b. Te continue the preparation of Ban-up tests80 aircraft, e. To continue the preparation of lee son plans for3 courses.

Aircraft Ground gqnlpasat (AQK)

Plenty of eoulpaest lo eontlnioucly arriving within the nonth keeping all AOSbusy. Asids fron ssvsrsl braks Jobs, transaissi on overhaul ad ring Jobs, we still have pending one heavy duty forklift for engine change. Assembly of five BA aero-stand and firs Bl stand alee pending due to heavy work load and the incooiog noons oon rain.


Bo. ofof Trng

Overhaul ral

ore ef Toolsral

en Aaalgned Job heory

Rnrlleh Conversation ritta


Aa nentioned before la the last snutaly report AGS le Id need ef adequate working apace. Dae te the steady flsv ef ground equlpeant and pending jobs the AOS Shop end parking area baa grown aaaller aad aaaller with the inf lax of additional equl-pnont. be will aeon experience eootinlons rain forrontax. Working condition* In the ahep la bearable eren though It is crowned, bat in the AOS yard It le elaoat lnpeaalble one to hear/ rain.

Aaido froa the working condition, the equipment needs protect ire eorer against tha rein.


Plans hare been discussed with the OIC AOS to roquect son* sort of pretoetlre eorer for all sqolpnaat oon earned, also cn disonsslon was to build atoilet facility weet .idsuilding for health and ecnltatlon.

haiatsaspoa Control Section

halntenanee Control sad Aircraft Record Section has bean no rodew location. This is the fearth tine thla eectlon has boon reloeeted. exlon rackach plgeea holes waa erected in the Aircraft Keeord Section by IXAT Advisor a. Thla reek will bo need for filing Alrereft Seeerds.

aah Aircraft Statna Beards hare been aonated In the helotsnanee Control Center offiee and anotherre being loeally sanufeotered to Bake the totalach. Thla will be adequate to sorer tbs pre cent alraraft assignee to UP.

APTOerlee ware finally re col rod, bat the plastic binders were notto local aannfactare alnainun sheet eorer toad aa an alternate, laebeery work load aad tha training of aoa* pereoonol inlight delaythe Aircraft Plight and Halntenanee recordseries laprocedure sheetsear inspection is being carried cut eaoothly bywith the help and goldance of DUT AdTieoro. AateaaUe aoathlyaircraft work pre os dare sheets was requested frea Doom. Eopofsllp,

the preblea in running abort of procedure sheets as ekperlsneed in the past.

An OeT la gathering and posting current daily alraraft status is being eooduetcd colly te UP aelatoaanee Control pareonnel end other Sonedrone.


Aircraft Statna Beerds do not reflect all the alraraft assigned to UP, sushD at Bnttsabeng, toea etc. Current Aircraft larcntory list froa MaOTO has been proTided to Maintenance Control officer, but no atteapto has been Bnde to oorreet the etatae boards. Aircraft that ware loot or totally deetroyod, which were dropped free tho Aircraft Inrsntcry list frea hKDTC, are atlll being serried on the etetas boards. Theoe ahould be dropped otst.

He flight ties report or aircraft otetoa from Bottcnhtng, Been and other location ore being reeelTod ot Pochentong, reoultlng In Ineonplete flight tine report beingo KSDTC at the end ef the nonth.

Several unsightly itomo are being placed in tha Maintenance Control office, euch aa gasoline, tirea, bade, food contalnere etc torage room be prorided foreats.

Sheetaletel Section

Supervised the repair and aonnfacture of eoao porta oleelng on8 aircraft gun pacings* received from Armamentech gun pecamgee vera oonpleted aa of la3 and turned ia to eupply for stock.

Supervlaed the repair and reaklnning ofach boriaontal stabiliser UB-IS bell alreraft and turned in to eupply fer stock.

3> Supervised the aajor damage repairD aircraftne to around loop at Pochentong Air Base. Sheatnetal job oomplatad

Supervised the major daeage repairD aircraftue to ground loop at Pochentong Air Baae. Sheetnctal job oonpleted

Supervised tbe Carnage repair due to uheels ap landing at Pocbentong Air BaaeB oirereft- The batten fuselage tail arid, left band and right hand wing nan package attachments were oaaaged. work oonpleted. As of thla writing.

Supervised the nenafactare end painting efech work tab lee for Maintenance Control Section.

7* Assisted in asnufceture of alroraft record stand for Maintenance Control Office.

8. Saperviaed the repair of bullet bole Carnage caused by bee tile ground fire3 alroraft


Bo. afjof Trng


chop area for paint and nbeetootal line aalntenance adjacent to hangaris not adequate to ctore the equipments and aircraft porta to bo repaired.

Bequest erpanelon of the chop.

of drill bite for eheotawtal mechanics.

3- oonox is accded far steragenable materials for point chop.


to start temporary repair duo to hard lending and case re tha left hand snglne naeelle wing aeatsr loetion end bottoa aurfaee ef left hand wing.

2. to ccnplate the loeel nenufaeture of oxygen air bottle brockets8 alreraft package*

8 flight eraerr low ln oeeadaalob rate during tbe nonth due to icrs it*ms like brake linnlnge. le eager aalntenance preblcne had been eaoountered during the period. rowevar, twoappened,ana *aergeney lendlng in tbe rice field aouth pf reohantong air base censing oubetantiol damage te the aircraft whleh is beyond rat repair capability. another incident lohoro the right naln gaer ueesably collapsed while taxiing cot free the parking reap. iaeioeav report submitted. fter ecsapletlon of toaporar; repair has beea ferried to thei-aa for cboaa alao flown to tfaai-a* for repairn progreoo. cetiaated flea tlaa la forty) dar*. said aircraft alao needs engine change, propeller change and both wing flaps

ons8 trelnere sans preblsn ae the previous icons ting period has heoa eaeouoter ad mcr3 on nose tiros aad brake unrdng. the training aea beea redoeed tolreraft daily doe to in eoaaleslob rate ae poor.

onrelnere onlyircraft has been available for utilisation dnrlnj thie reporting period.

a0 alreraft no change ef tbe previoue reporting period. ho major naln-tanano* problen encountered during tha nonth.

heerr service ha*eeeptanoo inspection on7 gun*hip engine nodatlon2 conpleted, aajor repairs has been eonpletcd ona nraaeatly andargoing taaporary for one tlaa flight te taal-aa


ream art bstien ef flight line quality control inspection cn the see ef work pre*aoar< ehaata still in progress.


hangar ft8 parking reap being flooded when it rain aa previously reported but to date nothing has been oaaa to solve ue problen.

tho taxi way in front of hangareeds lanediato repair due to the big ocaent slab sticking out la the saddle of the taxi way.

ho aircraft cleaning oonpooiwl stailabl* for us*.

the dm of root-flight work procodoro

th* tool crib at hangar

The Maintenance araaa ar* increasingly boecoln* safety hasorde. Good *af*t7 prooedur aro not being followed cad will ereirtuolly miult In wnch dosage to aircraft, oonip-swnrt and personnel.

4 definite laproroaentequired issssdlately to rectify this arse of growing; ooo corn. Soots lteae of Interest.

fro* foil draining of AT-goe andnto Torino* containers.

tunning olrcraft without ohocks.

Storting sir sr aft withoot fire bottles sataned. a. Tewing aircraft wlthoat wing walkers.

5- Storing aunitlons in working areas and where sgrilpoarit Is ranning etc.

6. Build-op of snniticne, loading sirdraft with aunitlcn, arcingn hate ds cussed th* swinltion with Base Ccssnandsrew location was agreed apon. when rorctswnt (protectire) eoaplstsd tho aunitlons will he aored, additionallylighters to be arned will be relocated fro* present ore*.

The abora oil sokes opcricns accident If action not token to correct. Supply

Activity ronainod about th* ssne as the proricas nonth for IAF Sapply. Ther* seooa t* hav* been leas ports shortages due to lack of tlnoly roplaoishaent actionlateral support rooucats to Odom ore steady sad rollr tCES situs tions'o wore reUovod for 'e were roll owed froa ICRS forrake Hairing aa wall as four7 air* croft for spark plugs. Innger down times would hav* occurred for these sir*raft without lateral support froa Mom.

productivity eontlaneslow place in all arc**. Although there is seea-ingly greater activity la an attaapt to cornet well knownook ofand follow through haapere eteady pro grace.

intensified on to* job, training bos been etreeeed in nil aroa* of supply again lock of on tbo apot anporrloloo to correct problona oa thoy aria* aakaar-nlnf prooooo very alow. tbo *on* nlatakoa repoetly occur. it waa laarnad that eip boa planal? personnel for ccmu3 supply training but it la believed only adranead training eouraaa for oatonntad ayatann ara available and would net be with the annual aupply ayeten need by KIT. eealngly better plan, b* proposed la an ojt snslgnsnnt for aelocted oco's nt ddorn 4pb, thailand to work with ths senual ayeten need ot that location.

sarohonoo stock go location ftoojaai

4 decision waa aado to utilise building hoard (hap supplied) available an bass for bin sbolving-aaalatanae lo being provided to eet ap power sows in clvi engineering to eatnd pnt in place. progreoo rsaalm alowtarting date la aot yet known, talocation and inventory4 aparee has began, bat again lack ef eupervieloa and reluctance by the chief af supply to nee recesses dilations provided to opeed ap relocation lo ceasing each confusion in locating speree when reqneoted by anintenanee.

notorial control/stoek bocords sect ion,

although such owphasls has been placed on the laportoncc of tlnsly stock roplsn-lshaent action the cut-pat of replenlshnsnt reoneou to the reculaitlon sectlen rseslno very low. productivity sad increaecd enporvlelonnot if future parte shertagss ore to bo alleviated.

verage of onlyeplonishaant roquleitisas ore generaud ally by this section dally which is not sufficient to keep poee with deannds. nt tor ofonly aboutar day were generated daring january0 inaeifliti doeoulreaeato eubaltted by walntomrvie. this low activity in jaanery and preceding months account for nany parte aborteges rocently enooantcred.

raoalsltloning soctloat

last an tbs report reflected increased requlelt toning for stockowever, the input to 4pic was lew as it was later learned. this cectlon is eapablt ofr sort line ltoaa par day if received from stock records for processing.

shipping; and eecolvjas;

approval waa obtained to7 reparoblo parts to odom rather thanlong84 porta currently being shipped. processing of ropareblae is extremely alow aa before and farther complicated by lack of airegular basis. increased supervision in this area lo neeeeeery in tens area to expedite proeeoelag, insure togs complete, and insure preservation of parte to*

coi MM

ago CTH rUEDIC Training OXflcw ftm tps

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