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3 RAT. Ho, i

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Tha UT Malntenanoe Department annaged to QalnUIn fairly acceptable levels of OperationR) Rata In noat Squadrons, area with all their oeotroliable and uncontrollable problana prevent.

8 Scnndron waa hard hitrounding TCTO regarding ulna; attach Inspect!analreraft and to further deplete the fleet on additionalircraft had to be seat to Thai-An for Over "G" Inspections and repair of wrinkled akin auctions.

The insufficient Ban-hoars were further depleted by the rocket attach at other airfield whleh eltinetnly destroyed onend danaged eoaother aircraft, which "ill require annyo repair both here andsera beyond the capability of IAF.

There Is still preeent no rale, not1vatIon and discipline problen within tho aalntenance of KAT. Thereefinite need for aore efficient supervisors who can utilise the preeent pereonnel properly, through proper aesigonent and control.



Activity reewae17 Aircraft

Awailebilitj Ofircraft woo very good during tb* cot Ire rath of7 car go aircraft availability aaa sevrglnal dao us problems. Lack of manpower mom to oa tha primary probLaaa.

7 sngiaee "ere changed presort uroly, oao duo oxooooivo aetal in engine, (Balicvad to ba allvar froa aaatar rod bearing). Tho ocooad ongino aaa changed duo scavenge oil punp failure is noes aeetiea of eaglBo. Thla engine haa been repaired loeally by angina Build-op (IBU) Shop and will he Inatallod7 eergp

Sbeetmetel tenporery repair onaa beenoupleto atoppage for lasteeks due no manpower, thla due to excessive workload at Bettanhsag to repair the alrereft dansgsd by tho rocket stuck on It would be inposeiblo teoapletion date bona use prioritise are not eetabliahad even thought aaa hareaammnili I

as ef the tlae of this writing there ara only three7 aircraft that do aot hare engiaee sad propellere installed nor the codification to APngiaee. TMe situation haa improved. as datroyed by hostel set ion while parked at ont-eUtion airfield.

The baneh stock location In thelangar la ad>eent to the Araanont Offlae and la now in the procoos ofresh coat of paint, ebelree aade up ef dexlonoaplotod. equleltlon for tba necessary ooanoa berwaro has been submitted to supply for act Ins.

aairdjcnenoe Control was advised earlier In the nonth to aenltor aircraft flighte tlaee acre closely to avoid bunching ap alrereft input. Inspections,lrereft were input for eervicee at the sane tlae, eoneeouently thlo rofloxs on the eperetlonnVready rate.

Tea alraraft ooapistsd engino changes this nonth, the workload of all salntenanee depertaenti was eenalstsnt with the previous snath.


Thoholloppter progrc* was fairly routine withxoeptions. UH-lf7 waa eaanged while parked in tho heliaopter perking area. This inoideot waa eausod by the neglect of aeebanloa to install the cross tube skid saaaably bolta prior to going to lunch. During lsnch break anotherall copter hovered dirootlyotor waah froa hovering helicopter ocas ad ths said gear to fold daaaglng belly of. Istinateoeeks to repair loeally. 2 was substantially daaaged during hover take off while operating outstation. Actual seuss of inoideot la not known at thla time, hose vor, understand tall rotor group and tall boon will hare to be changed if aircraft io to he flown out of crash site area, understand security isro-

uginee were changed during tho south preeaturely, on* angina for oxeoo-oiTO oil toapcreturee other engine for power turbine blade rub, thio angina oan poeelbly bo repaired locally.

Preeently there areH-lfl hellooptere NCES *Q" foreft hooto. Statua on thoaa boota wooew days ago aad thege indicated thatoota will not bo are liable until This figure launrealistic when dealingonbat oltuatlnn. mate baa been adrlead of this situation and hopefully It oon be roeolrod soon.

Tho XXinl gun eye ten installed in the heliooptere bee been giving ooao barrel problcna. laveetigatioa revealed tbat cleaning procedure* are not being fuller-ad and inproper lubricator sr* being used. This condition has been brought to the attention of all concerned and corrective action has boon Initiated.

6 was shipped to Thai-la for orach damage repair (CBD)h of


The overall operation of tola prograa ace fairly routine during tho nonth with no aajor prublena or incidents. The ehertage1 could preeent problen- In tha near future. The looal repair ef the CBD aircraft la progreeeing ao aea/powcrequlreesaot touselage Jig end hlng Jig he* been psssed to Bdore.

U-lA Alreraft

This proarea availability aant down to nearly cero dacing the leat part of the nonth. anding leo id ant eauolng daaago to bellyard landingalnor daaago to naintfaa gear and tall gear attachment are*. Batueen theec tooont. mapectioo. TheAhould notbe carried cn the alreraft stating report duo to their condition, do not believe is eoononloally feeeible to put theecircraft back into flyahle condition unleea thereeal laoulreaant for thla typ* alroraft.


training prograa InHello Stallion) he* gone exceptionallyce Id ante this nonth in AU-2AA prograa. e Idt BetUnbang etatlon,ubetantlala heavy rocket attack this nonth of Jane. The extend of damaged required

cn engine change and repair of fueelage sect loo. Alreraft already ferried back to Pochentong Air Bese and new ftp. prof further lnepactlon,ll be released eonetlneck.

The other accident Involvedtation fa Battaabang, tall gear broken during landing, the extendll temporarily repair by the abectaetal mechanics co that drcreftwill ferry back to hia station,

Atotal oflroraft era operational in thla station In Pooheeieng Air Base. There areircraft bare bean previously grounded for waiting parts.

Requisitioning of MORS lion on thisircraft hers boon forwarded to Supply, long load tleno oro ontielpotod on ooao critical items.

K) Conplotod shortly on oonstruotlon of aircraft status board now being used which lo not large snough to soscsBsodats tho prassnt inrentory of alraraft. Tbo nost ous tending objectives ot tho present tins la tbo oo splat ion offfies.


Ho ofof Trng

on the

of work procedure shoot on AU-2A* Phase Inspection.

Problon Areas

A) angar has no available installation of olootrlcal Hiring and outlets for the need test equipment.


rogram was fairly routine during the sooth, availability use helm everegs. electrical snd radio problans increased but pert of thla preblea can he attributed to the rainy eeeaon.

vailability probebly reached and all tine low. Priaery cause una awuvlatory TCTO plusircraft were grounded das cxcecslve "Qs loodo indloatod by winkled nlng akin.

ere shipped to Thai-An for crash dsaegs repair. lrereft were flown to Udorn to be need for flight trelnlng. SD aircraft were flown to Tahi-An for wing inspection sndh Phase Inspection.

Crash damage repair (CBD) laercent complete, about all that rmlni in the installation of engine and propeller.

The upper engino cowlingipped off la flight. Kn*or eauengs woo dona to propeller when cowling eons off. Tho propeller and cowling were replaced and alrereft returned to eereioo. If safety pins were Inatalled In shear pine as called out la the Technical order thla typo ef incident would not happen. The lapertsnec of safety pins waa once again disanaaod with all EAT personnel.

T-Al Aircraft

1 fuselage Jig Is estimated to be sospletedaya and will ho ahipped to Poehcntoog. After receipt of Jig work will nnmninoo on thel dama-ged aircraft.

mblan Areas

Parking fuel trucks In and dirsatly in front of hangarsotendal haxerd. Thlo problon has been diacuaaed with UP pcreonnel but oo far no corrective action has boon taken.

8 hangar la unsatisfactory for two msaa. Pirat It lo too saall, forear retraction tootoeeibility that Ua aircraft could fall off the Jack* caused by prop waoh aod th* high elavl* experienced during the relay eeaeoa. Second, each tie* It rain* the hangar floor fills ap with waterafety hasard. heed to dleeac* the possibility of asking hangar8 hangar. Ths7 could be noTed to the8 hangarittle Bonification to the hangar.

Preeent locations8 sndrming areas are considered hasard areas. Relocation of snbjset areas should he sccooplished aa soon as peeelblo.

Zt has been noted that oeTsral aircraft programs are being effected by leak of toot plloto er poor echednllng of available tact pilots which over the case say be. There were naaerone periede daring the nonth when ealntencnco bad been conpleted and aircraft wore released for teet flight, however, aaaa air craft ware not tost flown untilrays later. On paper thie el taa tion ah ova that the alreraft are atlll In snlnteneuce whleh is not the ease, nosooaend coca type of procedure be eet op to refloat ths tree picture cn this rob Jeet.

Serviceable engines aal propellera are being received froa Supply with the hiecords Biasing. Considerable tlaa and affert has been apart by the UUT Teen trying to find outia IIP ia teking theec records, as of the tine of this writing we have not found out who ths "Pbantoa* is.


Maintenance Control Section

Several plane for tho CAP Maintenance Control Section have bean propoeod and now ponding official approval froa RAP, however, the following were initiatedi

of aircraft records to 1PT0eries (sir Poaoc).

were initiated with referencen fern efexplaining the ueaga of the subject fora. alao attachedbooklet are blank APTOeriec for oeapla.

preeent date1irare. Air Perce Syeten, however, the SAP etlll aeaahner/Preneh log Books.

the Influx of aircraft to tho RAP inventory and in torn inercesodthe lnjortance of initiating and following -workSheets" has been brought again to the LLP's attention. At presenta aea only ene procedure cheat, theour InspectionSheet.

Tarioue typec of work pro oa dure sheets applicable to RAP alroraft wore ordered and received. Procedure sheetsuch as Pre-Plight, Overnlgbt/Baele Poet night, Coapon-entevsVln*tallatlcnaa raeoenonded ta be lap lament ad lnneelatelj however, at tela tlaa the RAP has not Initiated the use ef the procedure sheets

Reoorda. Ceaplete review of Ua elreraft reoords le in progress. bee been initiated. If properly followed by all concerned, itthe problem of aircraft records being leet er misplaced. alreraft acceptance hec also been initiated and routed to all concerned.

The staffing of tha halrtonanee Cootrol is quite adequate for tb* preeent work load. Tho problaa however,ropor utilisation, sad dssipllno. Tho lower txsda enlisted personnel oro sosn to bo wandering around without direction ord ar* not highly act It* tad to thsir assigned Job. ood portion of this is tho rosult of poor or lax leadership on th* part of tha Supervisors. Tschnlcal Training Control Section

rsxrlng tha nonth af Juno, onlyouroaa woro conducted,th Promotion, Brevet Superieur, English Class I, and Snglish Class II. Tha 9tH. class which won supposed to hare been consisted during the 2nd week of Juno was delayed for two weeks due to an alert order which prerented the atudenta from attending classrooa and OJT instructions. This course was finally sonplotedune. The Bngllah classee arelow progress. Bngllsha new In Book IT and Bngllah class IX la In Book III.

re ctoJjB1S

vor.booot ths number of lnstrec-

tcrsehey aro presently- accomplishing lesson plans for now courses to be starteduly.

Tha Run-up test8 aircraft ana completedong delay which ecu Id not be avoided. All training oh arte were updated due to pronotlono and the audition of two ins tract ore. All rccnisltleno for such needed trelnlng material* end equipment on0 were renewed to Bake then Current. Aside fromequisition for the procurement of eoamerclal souipawmt which de notsdsral Stock Busbar was submitted to BSDTC. Dp to the present, no information lo available regarding tha progress of this requisition.

Sectionrainlnx Acoomcllshod


Class I

Class II



Trslnipsof Trnr

4 C

is still In dire need ef aore iaotructer*. Two were added to the tralnii Staff recently but on. Lnaosnaasf tba only lnstruaant instructor at thla station is slated for trsnefsr to Bettssheng. anaotut why Battssbbang needs sin when they have alreody two or three instrument Instructors there at preecat. Doe to theo day Englishon't haretins to conduct an instructor's course noro able to exercise lull supervision on mew lnstrurtoro. Tho root ef my free tins la still sad for reports, soheduleo, editing of tecta and lessen plans, sto.

ttudent attendance for the English classes Is very poor, heneo the progress la very alow. Toryot ef students are aboent. when they report for class theyot of questions pertaining to the past loseoae. Every day, ao auch tine la wasted and I'n aura that these classes can acrer be ooapleted as per ache dale.

Badly needed training eaterials and acpjlpannt are itlll unaVallabla. Training laot of difficulties and tola problen boa greatly reduced the efficiency of thla section.


start new eoarees ooononeinguly. Thee* ooureee srei

Air Pore* Technical Order System, Instrument and fuel Systems7

gnition,ardware, and Shop Katbonatlos.

start asking run-op tost.

continue lacking leeeon plans for4 ooureee.

This nonth AOS Shop has beeneary workload now Kaintenance platforms, jacks and coapreaaor were on pro-delivery inspection, assembly gad teet rone. Pending in Shop arc two bonblift* which is being worked on at present, differential and eluteh ever haul Jobs, waiting for parte are two fork liftone for engine aseea-bly and one for eyliader bead gasket.

BOTi of Stndonta



Differential gear



Type of Tag






Hon-avaliability of storage and working apaoe isig problen due to tho nany equipment being received at AOS. Working apaoe lc aueh required as more space are taken for storage of now units, also canvas severe for protection is badly needed due to tha inecalng rainy season.


Previously plan* were discussed with ay snjor toaall toilet between theOS Building. Alaa to request oovara for equips*nt, and would like to diseaes about tha apace between ernanont chop and hangaror all equipment parking space.

Supervised repair and naQufaotore ofore ads sing parts8 sua package'sotal ofach required. Work conpletedune and now ready for pointing.

Supervised ths inspection and repair of7 engine firewall fp0B EBEJ Shop, berk conpletedune.

upervised tharepair, da* to belly land at Pochentong Air Baae8 aircraft Work completed

a. Canplatad nejaifaotnra ofach oxygen air bottle brocket*8 aircraft gun package.

Supervised the repair of IH pilot door hinge atUehneot en alreraft DB-lfl3AO.

Supervised the repair of bullet damage froa bottoa akin af LR wing leading edge8 ah-craft.

SuperTieed the repair of bullet damage froa bottoa akin ef IB wing trailing edge through fuel oell end external angle8 aircraft Work conpleted

SuperTieed tbe damage repair at EH bottoa wing bomb rock attachment, due to collapse of RR naln landing gear en aircraft. work conpletedune.

Completed nenufacture of seventy) each exhauet deflector8 aircraft.

ssisted the repair of ehrapnel daaago at Battanbang Air Baae on) aircraft nuabere.






ho. ofof Tma



onnec le needed for otorage of flnnaable eaterials for paint chop.

lnsufflclant drill bit* fer Sheetaetal mechanic*.

Inadequate hand tools for Sheetuetal aechanlce.


1. To complete Installation of aircraft elsetrieal wiring for American type grinding naehine, panel shaker and drill proa* with different power retirements, sucholte singleolte slgle phaseolt*hase.

To resuns th* repair of UH-lfl. horlsontal stab, which bad been tanporarlly stopped, cfas* to workload in tht ahop.

Totemporary rapalraA aircraftt Battenbeng Air. To uanufaetere stands forngines.

Airborne Radio 3octlon

Experimental chitting of radio lln* aachanlee to bench work and Tioo versa baa proven effective hi evaluating personnels lot* re at and attitude toward both particular field. It at least anablea tho shop to cope the problen of ih'v nechanioa against the ln-ereealng workload. There were air. awn fron ahop shifted to line and floe frost line shifted to shop.

Sernee record for the two nenths period ending

Input - Unite

Output - unit a


Repairable bclanee forwardolts

for calibration - a. (en schedule)

est panel was conpleted. rro Conpase Systee eonponeiit teat and fabrication was ln progress.

Current Insert leo Vrevlelcne for ahop technical publications vera updated ands ware placed en order thru RAT Library- Higher failure than usual rate was noted on tha radio eanpees eyetana. Assisted in troubla ehootlng subject in


Plnally, we bad the shop work training abroad for radio Uehnlelana. Thar* -werehop-nan coat to Ddcro for the porpoee snderX prograa. Tho self-study course else goes on well.


Bone ofe placed on order fron alaoet one to six nontha has ooao,lowdown. AA snd asversl teet eeulpasnts are ncstly affeeted.


An addition to tbe local fabrication project.

portable battery operated power aapply capable of field tceting conscoaponants and also providing ac end dc power output, for elscellaneoustools. It will bo placedart for nobility in the flight line/reap ares.

headact/alke and helaot testSectjen

(a) Advlssd OIC to reaore all gun packages, Cel.3 guns, all benb/rack for allInspection eehedula to go to Thai-An for TCTO eonplatnee and over.

(b) To clean and lubricate all araencat equlpevsnte ranorad fron tha aircraft prior to storage and properly tag aith CD4 (Servieeable).

(e) Correctad on the epot all dieerepanciee feed, especially loading ofbe bonbe fragnentatlon bcnb,all faxes with nlsslng bolt etod of the bonb rack. Advice their mechanic toFoot Plight Inspection* after tbe laet flight of tho day ao the bombing syeten mill be inoperaticn for next mission.

Hon tine Inepeetienperformed during loading of bonbe. Advised nechanie to follow standardnches long protrusion on arming mire,ell faces.

Beeearch eo Technical Order cn special tools for repair and ervrbaul Inepeetien of gone Cel.n this base. Cheek folio- ap vith Supply, oftem*a del tools required, only four (A) items. Advis* mechanic to fill0 fern for requisition. Ae soon as thla four (A) itees arrive the IAP can setepair prograa on thla Base fer theirel machine guna.

Instructed the mechanic to die-assemble gone Cel.n detail, Inspect, clean, lubricate aid proper pecking mac performed prior to shipment to Odorn for repair.

De-emed end download sixbe low drag of transit Jet aircraft, Denoo-etratloa wee per forced for the proeedurec for downloading, de-araing.

search. all fast consuming porta Cel.uns for requisitions efbench stock level fer aransnurt shop.

(1) Waa date reined that weapons mechanic are not using propera guns. Check with eupplyproper lubrication of guns in.. . at IAP Supply, advise oecfaanio to0 form for requisition.

Balld-UP (gap

Several areas of Improvement was noted in the angina Build-up Shop during the nonth of June. Host iaportant use the Introduction ef the proper type work procedure ebeets which were extracted froa thoechnicel manuals for all phaeec of engine build-up, to include preservation and special inspections on EBB related ocn-poneots. The engine Build-op shop. Technical Library was updated and proper blndere provided. c that are required, but not available at preeent, wore placed on order by apodal order.

0 eupply requeet forma have been reviewed and properly filed In separateeither cn tho cpeelfic engine or component worksheet clip beards or filed In appropriate special tool request file, or bench stock file.

The XAP Officer In Charge (CIC) of the engine Build-up shop is reviewing thef dividing hie percooael into,ren nclntenanoo crews to provide closer supervision and decrease waa ted saintenancc aan hours.

Ths work load of tbe Engine Build-up Shop was lnereassd during June, by tho intrcdnctlc of tho firstngine Build-up. This reouireav-nt presented several problem. Special tooleui pes at were drawn fron Supplypecialngine stand is being built to expedite tbe build-op of this type engine. We hope in the future te provideA Sectionomplete engine package, reedy fer Ins tails tl en in the aircraft. Thie le to includengina hot aeetlen inspections which will also be performed byersonnel.

Activity continuesteady pace for all areas of Supply. Sons effort li noticed taking place to correctob lean outlined by Supply Advisor as well as howsvor, progress will continue to be slow due to reasons reported aumarouj tines previously.

Personnel Tralrlng

estingosdquarters to discuss 3oprly probloss outlined by both Supply Advisor and HSVTC, it was decided tbat lack of training was the eouree of sect Supply probleas. RAP agreed to intensify training by holding daily seealons with snail groups, alternating in different areas of Supply. This effort has not gotten underway and it lc very unlikely that It will, seasons given by the Chief of Supply were thatcould not be interrupted fron their dally activities for additional training. Super -vision of personnel la Tory weak and it la felt that little improvement or correction of long existing problees will taks placereater interest Is takjn by re soon-sib lo QIC's.

Warehouse Stock Relocation Prorrae:

Ths decieion to utilise building board for shelving was prevereed and finally RAT has purchased leaner for shelving. Cutting and placement of lancer ie taking place,actual conpletlon of stock relocation snd Inventory is estimated to be six son ths orway. Relocation of AU-2AA spares is till In progress and very alow. Toccspllcate the AU-2AA sparesIC hasew spares Hating la In process0 percent part numberhanges. Receipt of this listing will necessitate re-ldentlfl cation and re-warehousing within Federal Stock Cla esse.

Material Control/^tock Records

V.* . ^

Placsnant of stock replonlabnsnt reouisitioa work abbots io the Requisition Section renalns low with an average of onlyer day during the peat nonth. Screening ofL for requisitioning la taking place which banpare progress in solving other problens in this area. As en hand for screening snd requieitianlzg forine itons. ConpletlonR requisitioning Is necessary prior te pre cos sing this listing.

Requlsitlon/Reouirenents Sootloni

Activity in this area is steadily increasingR requisitioning along with other activities, Although nnaereue etatoe follow-ups are generated daily It la fait aoutput of requisitions is aore Important at this time and could be Increased if productivity increased in the stock records section accordingly, Emphasis has been stressed many tinea on the importance of keeping replenishment requisitions at thelevel possible. It is anticipated that the BCS3 will eontlnue to increase ifaction is not taken immediately.

Shipping and Receiylngi

Shipment7 propellers to Worn without proper tags and historical recordsoverhaul at that location. Only two bad tags with alroraft tail numbers shown.

Th* contractor la *ecIcing approTal to hare these sad all7 props overhauled In Taiwan which Is possible to acooapllsh at that facility without historical record*.

Th* Sapply Advisor visited Odors daring the nonth to discuss repairable parts and actual problon* in their repair and return. The Manager of Sapply in coordination with applicable repair shope has proniead toonplete listing of all parte on hand in shops pending repair. This will enable IAF to re con die their record* accordingly.

Currently KAF supply has very poor records on outstanding parts at Odorn. Proeodurss for maintaining accurate records and to allow follow-ops haverovided. To date procedure baa not bean eetablished and followed.


If the IAF are to increase the aircraft availability andsflnlte program nust be initiated to generate discipline, motivation and morals anong tho personnel, without all of thealf-eoffielsnt organisation cannot and will not exist of ita own nonenton.

The tools to accomplish the objective has been offered, they only have to ba accepted and used.


sco UTH via XXDTC

XSDTC Training Section



CA ft CP. uTH


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