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SUBJECT: Possible Additional Agency- Support Furnished Howard Hunt

We have reported earlier an out-of-channel requestHuntame trace in1ostawas put back in channels by forwarding the name trace "rnXWrnXWrnM

with the NSC Staff in EOB.

(receivedGune) stating that Howard Hunt,

"submitted various names for Headquarters traces of certain Latin Americans, notealed envelope. This was had led orally and bydvised the chief of the appropriate division that they were being forwarded and to consult with the DDP about the propriety of responding. lso telephoned thehen wrote my own memo to Generalalling bis attention to the fact that anarned HUNT--was tracing foreign nationals without reference to the NSC Staff. "

Haig iseturning the memorandum with the word "thanks" noted on its face.

We have spokenNSC Staff, who state? (in nvcrsationsnd 7it was notyBHHsssfll'

of transaction, andearch of the files does not discloseof the memorandum to General Haig. Mrs. Evelyn Deat the time]

emorandum from Chief, WH Division, in1 for war-^gBBBBBBBBssssBsi *

name traceosta Rican (the one noted above) for Hunt. No other such records were found.



apfrg ISO for release



4.is now on TDY at Headquarters and was interviewed

une by telephoneune in person). Ke first recalledafter" Hunt was appointed to the White House--hethe plumber unit was formed, although this is exequest for name traces on He thinks this involved Guatemalans and Costapointed out that Hunt's White House appointmentulyplaced the time the last couple of months

1 or the first monthe cannot recall how manywere involved, but is certain that the total was morea few; five, three, two ore enclosedin an envelope and forwarded itote thatbest check with Torn Karamessines as Hunt was no longeremployee.didn't know what Hunt was doing

or what he had in mind, and was concerned that Hunt might make

Secret name trace material available to outsiders. HbH office routinelyow volume of name trace requests from the NSC Staff, but always in such instances he knew who it was for and how it was to be used.

office had little other contact with Hunt.

He saw him in the elevator in EOB once or twice, but never had occasion to discuss business matters. Once someone phoned asking for Hunt's telephone extension (which was difficult to get, as the White House switchboard did not give out numbers freely). Out of curiosity he also got Hunt's room number and wandered down (he recalls it asOB) where heign on the door sayingery much as it might have said "Janitor.e attached no significance to it at the time, the term "Humber" meaning nothing to him.

one occasiDi^HHBHHHI^HHHHito Blues Alley, and saw Hunt there with some well-to-do Californians. He thought Hunt had some association with the placeublic relations man, although he thinks it would have toery small account. old him of Hunt's ri


7. Mr. Broe (then Chief, WH Division) has no recollection of any name traces handled for Hunt other than the one forwarded over his (Broe's) name on He recalls discussing that with


has checked the records of WH and has found no other such records. At this time it seems unlikely that we will answer the questions this presents. Was Hunt's out-of-channel request (which WH put back in

channel) the liUHLHrecalls, with embellishments? Or did Hunt make additional requests, through channels, that were not serviced? We have the one recorded name trace,osta Rican, and no others.


S. D. Breckinridge

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