Created: 8/24/1973

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exile abroad, where Ihey engage in loud bur generally ineffective anti-junta activities; such critics as actress Melina Mercouri and Andreas Papandreou. who have lost their Greekwill not share in the President's inaugural largesse.

The constitutional court very likely will not charter political parties that espouse objectives that differ from Papadopoulos' goals.approved political activity will be minimal, and potential candidates for elective office may have little choice but to join what in effect willovernment party.

Greece's new president this weeklurry of action to demonstrate the newest brand of controlled democracy. In his inaugural speech onugust he announced the end of martial law. the activation of certaineneral amnesty for politicalHe alto directed the conititutional court that is to supervise the development of political parties to begin its work in September and promised to advance the date of parliamentary elections to

The seemingly self-assured President is not without hiselay until October inromised "political" cabinet suggests that the removal from the government of military members who were Papadopoulos' colleagues in7 coupelicate task. These men are not eager to leave their positions, and themeasures announced by the President may increase their desire to stay on and slow the movement toward the "new Greece" envisaged by Papadopoulos. The prospect for recruiting hopeful politicians to take part in the promised elections is not very bright; most politically ambitious Greeks doubtless would rather avoid serving with the junta government in any of its incarnations, [

These measures, intended to give thethat the new republic is off to an auspicious start, do not signify great change in the nature of Papadopoulos' rule. The sweeping amnesty was apparently granted over theof some military members of the cabinet who stand against any move toward more liberal government. This and the ending of the state of siege are aimed at critics at home and abroad who have railed against the allegedly repressive nature of junta rule. Those pardoned will be closely watched; effective opposition by them in the near futuie is unlikely. The recent naval mutineers will almost certainly beetired. Many of the regime's most vociferous opponents are in

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