Created: 11/2/1973

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The government is counting on the use of force and crash training courses into forestall the violent opposition itfrom the left. It appears less concernedotentially more seriousimpact of the economic recovery program on the working class.

Persons charged with armed resistance are tit now being turned over to theor civilian asthan shot on the spot, but death for serious offenses probabfy will continue to be the rule. Still, the Junta isabout its image, and Interior Minister Bonilla has taken pains to emphasize that the state of siege and court-martial proceduresirm legal standing.

Bonilla also has tried to clarify the status of detainees being held for trial. Those charged with committing crimes after theeptember coup will be tried under the rules of the state of siege. Those charged with committing offenses prior to thatofficials of the Allendeforbe tried under the laws then in effect.

Opposition activity has been picking up in the countryside,BBJJ^BBBBBJJJ.

special* brigade hm been dispatched to the south. The nationaljihr>ave again assumedresponsibility for maintaining publicove designed to give the armed forces more time to train in counter-insurgency tactics.



Opposition groups in SantnijoJ'" warning mam bars ol an alleged governmanT>an to trap unwary leftists byhonyradio stationall to take lo the streets and fight.

A reat clandestine "information agency" has been tunneling stories of anti-government activity and alleged government atrocities to foreignend some progress toward the format-on of an umbrella opposition organization

left is not yet ready tooordi-

The most radical leftist groups probablyanxious to take up arms, but not allof the former Popular Un.ty coalition are convinced that violence is the best tool with which to confront the government. Some groups appear to believe thai fomenting strikes among workers disgruntled by the growing gap between wages end prices would be more productive.

The left's present ability to mobilize the workers is as questionable a* its readiness for njirrilla warfare. Under Allende, leftistactivity centered on the actual place of work. Organizers and militants have now been dismissed from their jobs ki private as well as government-owned enterprises, and the days of regular pay frx demonstrating rather thenem over. The spectacle of political leaders literally beating down the doors ol foreignm sea-eh of political asylum may make workers less eager to follow new directives from professional agitators.

On the other hand, unemployment is rising and the regime readily admits that there will be no early end to the economic squeeze. If workers come to believe that they are making all the sacrifices, resentment could lead to strikes, and if

nated guerrilla-terrorist campaign, and theexistenceumber of "unified" fronts end commands suggests that much organisational work remains.



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