Created: 9/27/1973

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CHILE: Tho juntarebuffed attempt! by some Christian Domoorato to Influence the military to modify some of its political actiona and policies. In addition to this possible alienation of potentialhe military'a high-handed tactics may glvo other supporters pause.

The military does not appear totally inflexible on its policies, but its apparent intolerance and repressiveness could cauae further problemsand subject it to increased international While the military junta is concerned with its international image, and is making efforts to improve it, it has committed excesses that conjure up unfortunate historical comparisons.

The banning of all Marxist parties anddecree "recessing" the remaining political organisationseans of promoting "national unity" demonstrate thedetermination to keep the left from regaining power. The junta's tight hold on the country could ease as it secures its position further, but if the left regroups and is able to launch an urban or rural insurgency, even stronger measures are possible.

The Christian Democrats will be disheartened by the turn of events. plit in the partyreak between it and the regime seems likely now, but at the same time the junta cannot afford to take the party's continued support for granted.


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