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juntaonth in power this week, hatampaign to improve its international image. The regime shows no sign of relenting in Us determination to deal swiftly and decisively with dissidents, however, and the bloodshed goes on.

Foreign Minister Huerta used his appearance before the UN General Assembly this week to justify the military take-over and accuse Cuba of interference in Chile's internal affairs. He charged Havana had secretly shipped enough weapons to Chile toman paramilitary force. Responding to this charge, Cuban ForeignRoa merely dented that Cuba had introduced arms into Chile surreptitiously. He said that they had in fact been requested by President Allende.

In the face of an unfavorable US Senate resolutionontinuing bad press abroad.

junta President Pinochet issued an open invitation to US legislators to travel to Chileirst-hand look at what is happening there. Christian Demo-cratic and National Party politicians are abroad defending the coup, and the government isits cooperation with international agencies concerned with prisoners, refugees, and political asylum. The government plans towhite book" detailing the corruption of the Allende years and exposinghe alleged blue-printloody seizure of total power by the left that was foiled by the military coup.

Security considerations still have firstwith the junta. The line between people killed during attacks on security forces and thoseand executed immediately has becomeblurred. Other individuals have been sentenced to death by military courts for crimes like armed resistance, and there are increasing


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reports of prisoners being shot while "attempting toublicly reported executions totalut the figure probably is closer. Attacks on security forces appear to be on the upswing, and the government may have grounds for its concern that the left is regroupingoncerted campaign of sabotage and guerrilla

On the international scene, overations have extended some form of recognition to the junta. The regime is trying to maintain Chile's positiononaligned nation, and ForeignHuerta's UN speech sounded some familiar, if less abrasive, notes in the areas of sovereignty over natural resources, economic imperialism, neo-coionialism, and the law of the sea.

USSR-Chile: An Interruption

The Soviets are now trying to portray the withdrawal of their diplomats from Santiago as something lessull "break" in relations.



When the USSR "broke" relations with Chile oneptember, the diplomatic noteorm of the verb preryvat (to suspend orratherorm of the much stronger razryvat (to break intohe verb chosen when Moscow broke relations with Israel inazryvat is used to describe Cuban and North Korean actions in severing relations with Chile. To further ease the blow, Moscow has placed no time limit on the departure of all Chilean Embassy officials. Warsaw broke relations onctober, leaving Romania as the onlyEuropean country maintaining ties with San-

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