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Tho junta government reaffirmedeshaping of Chilean institutions this week and moved ahead on several fronts. The regime appears to be pleased with its progress thus far. but remains waryounterattack from the left.

peech marking the government's first month in power, junta president Pinochet did not say when the nation might return to civilian rule. Noting that "to rebuild is slower and harder than toinochet declared that the armed forces" and carabineros' mission would be ended only when Chile achieved "the social peacefor true progiess and economic develop-ment."

The outlineew constitution designed to help achieve this social peace is taking shape.

The junta| has approved the ideas ofdrafting committee. They includefor run-off elections for the presidencyformalization of the armed forces' role asof the constitution. Perhaps the mostaspect just now is thai the newtakeear to write.

Ato place the carabineros

under the^inisTry of Defense instead of Interior may run into opposition from police officers concerned about preserving their independence and prerogatives. Unity is still the watchword of the armed forces and carabmeros, but decisions on matters like this and on specific means to reach vaguely defined goals provide thefor friction wilhin the government as well as between it and its civilian supporters.

The junta, meanwhile, has banned all parties of th* Popular Unity coalition. The Communists, th* Socialists, and the smaller United Popular Action Movement had already been outlawed in practice. Tha published decree formalized this and added th* Christian Left, the Radicals, and the independent Popular Action.

On the other hand, the junta's relationship with the Christian Democratic Party apparently warmed somewhatace-to-face meeting between the generals and party leaders. The junta seems to have been receptive to the party'sthat prolonging the suspension ol overt political action would ultimately benefit the Communists and other leftists, who are more skilled in organizing clandestinely.

Military and police search parties nowto be turning up fewer and smaller arms caches, but this does not necessarily indicate that most illegal weapons have been recovered. On the contrary, opposition groups probably retain access to significant quantities of arms.

An effort to unite the leftingleorganization may be underofroup in anything moremust await the revival of its potentialhowever, and thrs process isthe absence of key leaders and theability to keep the left off balance.probably is getting some help fromgroups abroad, particularly in Perubut significant aid for anon the ability of Chileans to startThe armedare In

th* procoss of ridding their ownranksofinyone suspected of cooperating with or harbonnr sympathies toward the Allende government.

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