Created: 8/22/1973

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SUBJECT : Eugenio R. Martinez

Mr. Martinez,2 in Pinar del Rio,. citizen. He was recruited by CIAaritime activity against tbe Castro regime; more

essel whichrew of six, he alsoa number of hazardous missionsumy*-

hange in operational policy, these missions were no required, and in thes the project underHartinez operated wasH^

L. aving been removed from normal Lft^Vi

civilian pursuits because of his Agency activities, placedart-time retainer0 per month, after the project was terminated to provide an opportunity for him to once again get into the mainstream of Civilian life. During this period he provided occasional reports of interest to CIA. Mr. Martinez was terminated in absentia on

oyal and reliable employee duringwith the Aqency and conducted many . Joften under adverse

dltions, willingly endangering his own life for the cause of thein which he strongly

Classified by signer. Exempt from General Declassification ScheduleS2 Exemption Category. Impossible to determine date of automatic declassification.

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