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SUBJECT i Kontbly Impartas3

faring tola reporting period there baaaabar afith taa ending af. Coajbat Bala la taa taar Baaaalla, aara sssjihaaie baa beta placed aa tba aoabatf taa taP.

Tba eertiee have laeroeaed la all Saaadraaaisiblelaand notlvatlsa larena. Tb* piablaa of alddla aeaagaaant, pre-planning orailnissc to ale* down tba cffactivapcco la ether araaa. Tha leak of jab deleration and sntborlty la aoa* capartaents lapaai* problaaai, la that atroduatloa eaaaaa ta sxlst aa* ta aa aaa aval lab la toaalalon ar aiga aa*ar verba, aaab aa porta'a) wort order*.

The age old proble* of aarta ahw'igaa0 aircraft, aad laaarooa oaae tba porta aastrom aa* aircraft to other* ta reap tb* reeaJnder of tb* alraraft firing, taia of aaaiaa cact* eanyaaa/aoara ta renewe aad replace aad therelways the possibility ofood pert daring raanral.

Zarev*anut aaa boon noticed however, la eeeaor* aggrosaire plan ef iapreoeacat la recalrod.

section i. r.l

th. cn-the-Job training fer thetedente .uhw cn tbe

*"geet ewwver, ant ef tbe originallated to attend, enlyere available fer training after the detail ef aewa te eet to qroend pnoeiiileatleae. the eeroer flelde are eeadio,ooatrlaeja*ertnuiiiit.. theeo eudcnta were liven laertrectleoe ea nanorul eebjecte eoeh as kaasteols. af teeanleal ordereu, alrereft hsroaara, shopaod oround safety. thee, eahjeeta

will so of greet advantage to thea latatbar they will ware: la ue ehope of ilea, at the areeeat. the stssarts are eanergnlag further off la tketr roapirtivo eareor field* (has and aaoa) under the eenlrolraining lastraetor and

the ahop chieferead, after fear weeks, they will he relaeoed froa the

training coot ion aad will a* given permanent iiilpaaeal

th* sngliah alaaaeaap) hadaw*.tad aa easel bat stodont attaadaaae ia -raduelly disrcacie*. tola ass eeaoed larp elnw prcgreee and aar reaalt la tha ppm abalag af tho tlaa haltfar it.

tha eavea iaatraeter* aaasahll* barerepare lesaoa plan, einee the oalatcaanc* eetlrltles bad failed to eupply enough etoauateeerea laeplte of repoateelsm ala far atadeot*. sad report* te higher beedoaarters bad been dalp aoccapllehed after the ooavletlon of aaoh oeare*.

seetlea ii. training

ef trnr


elaee i

cleao 11



rder system

staadard aerduure




iii. rrobloae

training aeetleabadly la aaedypewriteritto a* shins leek ofpiliioent, bad eaaosatj iterable delay in preparing reporte, trainingtedant teste, and ett en dance reetero.

bait* chalk end draaing lak (bias end aleak) are1 lad aaoaialtiane fer chalk bad bean repeatedly eebedtted hot ao aoaal, ao otoek la available. tbe drawing ink will be need to apdate all oharto and training schadolae.

Son.o boon out af too claaoroauo farhilu through no fault of thclro. Tha problau liawUfit onough otadanta la oroar to bo ablo to So far, taaanon no aatlrltloo bad not boon ablo to eepply tba..

Sootlon XT. Piano

a. Totha preparationnotor toot fll*. Thla file rill include all oourcae ta bo conducted at training aaotloa. lacfa cueotioo uUl ba typed an nandoot will ba adodnlotarod, tha iootmotor will joet poll ant tho ouootlono ami typo thornn cot ion .boot. This will not onlytandard tooting lyrtau bat also halp tho Inotruotora In no wo ah an thoy hora wary linitod capability In preparing thought prowoadng aaocttena and aloo ant to thoir poor IngUoh prafttcionoy.

h. Ta etort now couraea if tho aclntonfto actlTltloo can oupply far *ton*ntoint of cenroac to ba eooeneted hod already boon forwarded toOXC'a.

e. Te wpdata oil eharta.

r Quran

This program was fairly routine during ths sxnth. Tha program still has tha seae major problems, lack of Pilot* for fun tional chock flights aft orhao raleasod aircraft, Hany aircraft hava in past remained on tho ground for severel daya due to this problem,

ircraft accidents occured during the3 aastained eub-etantlal daaago to left hand wing tip while aircraft wae taxiing at oat etatlon airfield, It wae reported that Pilot taxiedalm tree which required tbe eomplste wing tip to be replaced in order to release the aircraft. Tail5 curtained najor damage to boriaontal etabllser while on air drop nieaion. The complete boriaontal etabllser had to bo replaced to release the aircraft, and waa removedeactivatedo eatlsfy the requlroeent and prevent excessive down tine for repair. The Sheetnetal Shop now in procaaa of repair and hortsontal etabllser will be turned into Supply for epare. 1 vac down the better part of tbe nonth doe loose rivets on control column, this entire assembly had to be removed froa theto facilitate repair, thla wae primarily duo to improper tools available.

Poor aircraft eehedullng between operations and maintenance resulted in oeveral aircraft input. Inepeetien at the sane time. This section docs not hsve sufficient nanpower to cope with thio oituatlon,

7 aircraft3 the entire month. These aircraft are awaiting engine conversion2. It la recommended that tbeoe eergo alreraft be afforded priority by all concerned until they are released foruae. It Is further recommendedaaa of the7nt cut-country. 'e ao an to allow7 mechanic* to acaiat Heavyn the modification. At present and past rate of progreoe it will take froao four(A) nonths to complete tbe modification on theemaining aircraft.

AU-2AA Program

Thorogram continued to operate fairly smooth during the month. lroraft were h'ORS the entire nonth. Tery little progress was noted In efforts to try and get theseircraft operational even with the oontinnalof the advisors. The primary reason for this Is the disinterested attitude QIC of this section. If drastic measures are not taken It la felt tbe squadron will continue to deteriorateill drop to an all tine low.

rashed out station and will not be recovered. ac damaged cot etatlon, erect extent of damage is unknown at this time. However, it wae reported that Pilot taxied into revetment ln canning sufficient danagarison tal etebliaer to require replaeensot.

ustained battle damage while operating out etatlon, tbe engine will have to be changed to recover this aircraft. Tall section repairsare completed during the month. The boriaontalwaa cannibalised for, and there seems boork step-page on completing the reassembly, of both aircraft.

This progrm STsrsll operation ronalnori about ths sane ss previous nonth.lroraft sustained major daange curing landing st peohaotong, thaac aircraft will bo repaired locally. Oaa Advisor has boon assigned to this prograa oaring tho nonth. following ar* out-etandiag discrepancies that ho has noted Oaring his first uaak.

Pitot ooraro nat installed, and in aoot oasaa oarers Biasing, whenare

Snglns oil afaeaga not preformed oaohours, aa preaeribed by Teobnloal Manual.

Technical Manuals not available, bcarrar, they hers be reqeastioned.

Xo cbeban aircraft hardware. no Bench Stock.

Bepairable ports not properly togged and turned into Supply pronptly thus delaying snd extending the Supply pipeline.

Pool sad Oil lino* act properly capped off anon aircraft undergoing an engiae efaango or other aaiateoaaoo.

bead tools available for ths Poor participation ef neehanlos.

Hopefully tbeee discrepancies will be corrected la tho near future with tho assistance of the Advisor, ond good co-operation froa. 0 aircraft are pre cent ly BOBS5 engine* due high oil oanauaptton. Conpruietou check* on thesengine* are in progreee at thla tlaa,by replacing coaplato cylinders snd platen assenblie* on cylinders tbat show lav eoopreeolon theaeogdnec con bo pat back into conadeeion.


The overall activities of this prograa increased considerably during tho snath doe to the arrival afircraft end alreraft that wareacted and repaired In Thai-la and returned to Canbodia. . rate aaa very good oeoaldcrlng the Influx of additional aircraft and the annpewer S0 alreraft were converted to slick wings sad aara transferred to the Pilot training section. as out of oosalaslon the entire nooth daa engine failure. There lo0 available. Shop however, this la reeervodSE.

aintanance saction la under Banned, presently operating JO aircraft withechanlcs. At leastodditional nechsnlCS will be required to snin-teln this nunber of aircraft if future flightentime* as It is now. If this nanpowcr cannot be provided,. rata eaa bo expected te decline la near future, unless Bone efe are not sent cut-country to bo aecceplished. If this is done then those un/houre could be utilised in keeping

th* flight aircraft la cconds.lon. Tola deelsloa mat ba considered and dacldad on in near filters to provide propar planning.


rogram haa rmainad tba aaaa a* of prarloua raportlng period. Onlyf tha total amber of aircraft aaalgaad hare been available for atili-aatlon during the aooth. ThoA aircraft should be cropped fro* the rcoord aa they are beyond any practical and somocdcal repair. By keeping the* cn tha record, thiealee aircraft atatae report.

The firsttyt alreraft arrived at Poehontong3 withewly graduated Taehnlciane frea training la Thal-la.

The second and third aircraft arrived3 aad lb3 Dae to lock spore parts8 wo* grounded for ports tb* asm day it arrived and laQ at the tlae of thle writing.

Obeerratloa of the Thol-Aa trained Technicians reveals they hare very little knowledge ef thla aircraft, thoy themeelved reported that all theywas elossroon trslnlng snd vary.

Thereew who com to he interested snd will probably beeeae good trouble ehootere etc however, thlo willlow process. The Advisors oref the troubleohootlng which interfere, with their overall monitoring ofcuodron. The OTC appeore to b* vary interested and lo presently doing onJob, but he alone cannot do the Job. Parts and special tool shortages will no doubt be biggest problon tree for months to corns.

4dJiJOr "h* assigned to this section during ths month, bo will also bo assistednglns specialist If thserlaea. ork order boo bom placed with Air americo, Udora to aanafaoture work platfom forX aircraft, they are expected te bo coop Istodeeks.

Areamat Section

This section activity Increased during the month duo to tho arrival of's and the repaired aircraft that returned from Thai-Aa. Many dlecreponclea dealing with the arsmnaat systea on thsss aircraft were found and had to b* cor-reated prior to roloosing ths aircraft for ecoabot operation*.

leak of sufficient hood) lift, and spore ports foroon lifts are ppabahly tho biggest problm la this section at prooont time, poor tronblo shooting on armament system and look of interest shown by nochanicarlmryor extended down tines on aircraft that hare ersnnent problems. In ooet oaeea the armament preblea iss ctrl col preblea and they don't here any qualified electrician* In this field nor do they hare any training. TUnaniinl that if

there ij any schools available in the electrical portion of ia7 arnaoeat systaa oochanico be cont coon ao poeolbleocal training ecnrss should bo eet up to train aooe eleetrlolans locally ia tala field.

The airfield, boob Onnp coctinuec toleaater area dua to tha llnuid napala through cat the napala revotoont. Thla obeuld ba eleanod ap end keptafe and orderly reamer.

Ihootantal Section

Tho cheat octal auction ranclioC Tory busy during too nontb. la Ida froa day to day routine ebootootal projects tho following re pare to aircraft ware aeceapllehed.

Danage repair cn bottoa of fucelsge adjacent to Baddies for eroec tube attach polnto conpleted on.

Major repair to tall ssctlonsAoopleted.

3> >oaey coo* repair caused by hot tile action eo9 eoapleted.

4. foaago repair af battery coapartannt eaneed byction on9 coapletod.

repair to tell been eaueed by hoe til. action on3 coapletod.

6. Caengo repair bottoa eurfaee of loft hand outer wingar webocpleted due to hostile action.

The annufacture ofach flare oentainere for the ai manal ahoo were een-plotod.

The soaufectore of onengine stand hoc been ctarted hopefully talc project will be eooplotod ln nextays.

faint shop needs aa areaenaz to at ore their flaaeabla natcrlala, the present aituation laire hatard, there lahertage of aircraft paint cpruy guns and air sccrcoaya bare once again been subedited for Supply aotlocu air conpreaaora are on order but eo far bare not aeon received.

i7 have ehertage of stock alcnlnua aheet,. Tha ehertage af thla naterial aould present real prohlons when the Jigs10 aircraft arrive, whleh arc STpoctod ipnake.

On* adviser was assigned during the nonth to assist la nachine shop and heavyobeetastal shop. hi sheetnetal special toole and ebeotaatal satsrlal stock levels are be lag reviewed and adjueted aa required. Toole and aaterlals that arc not la stock have been requested.

Serv.c* Sectjon

This section lo probably the veekeet seetlea oa tho airfield, however, it lo vital to tXT Bdsalon. One Advisor has been as signed to this sectloa to gselet in Baking tberoductive part ofc now ln heavy ecrvlec for engine aodlfloetlcn, estlaaU aodlflcation be conpleted withinays provided no parts problene are encountered. wasnd Angina in stall, tiau now taaa lapnt into heavy arrrlaa for sheetaetal repair aaa around loop at Pocha_tong, aatlaata repair tUo ofope oooa work la bosun.

Shectaotal rapalrpprmiuatelporoaot oenplet. aa of tbo tlae of thla writing. Tbla aircraft bee been down alaae5 bat one ta wort lead, back order of parte and week neaageeent It -till la not eeapleted.

llU aboctanaal tsaporery repair baa bean aoaplitod and engine aed have been in-tailed. Xlner anjnstaente ware aadebla aircraft ic aehedulad to go to Thai-la for pereeneot rapalr.


eqnlpnent deadOlned the prevlona aonth were worked ea aad relecacd. unite are le chop for aervlee end ainor repair. Five aaiateaenee platforae alne tripod jack, wore aaeeabled end tooted.

up ana eeat out thla reporting date to expedite engine neap, for daallned (tntbeup)a quite leaded tbla aonth, with repair Jeoa aadInepectlono.


are of Tools Ideatlfleatlan of Porta General lafctp Porto Kodificatioa aoglisb vcnvcroaUcn



55 15

Airborne Radio Section


of th/ aa/arc-a9 tof7 air74 was ooupleted. the reaoon van toatenderdbt cianeiiilcation la all alreraft equipped withcurat loo. accounted flowashoora oaoh. beferenoc


lot ad tiT officer on the initialof chop tort ecnipnent atcalibrationwoudcro, thailand. briefing

onct proeedare waa explained to all ship'a effected. at of onlta for tho next aohedulad run and forao required for the proceasine were proridod by pm&x,

2. shop sertiee record ending7 V,

input unlto

benl and repair nite

oetpet onite

as? and reparablaa cn nlto

4. the fearhop nechanlca trained ln ddom, thailand lastnb line serrlce arrivedugust. their new aaaunetent for duty lo an-knowa ret.


reference to ny reportorganisational dlffloaltlea| offectlvo laat aurahe shop operates separately froa all una services except pi and heavy service. now, all line service nechanles con only be aaalotedigned work order reoneet froa each individual section. it nay aeea to work well but, under preeent eetup, lisdutiona and oapabllltlee, it will again take another trenandous effort and tlaa before It will be well-eetabliahed. ao in the peat, except for the dh-lf, line service, coordinated offorta to scheduling priorities and cooperation of all neehanieo, tha control, nonltor-ina and planning of actlvltioa is yet te be coca. it la olaply noted that, by this new eetup, the ooncentrated cooperation previously applied will be cone less effective and laportant nanhcuro will be wasted.

the alow flew of repair parte primarily effecting thta is another problen. linlud spare unite for the ueny alreraft atilislng these eqoipnent is another factor. all necessary actions related to subject wore snde.

. section

at preeent the inner air perce sectionotal of) bofacler trucks of whlehre in cosndsslon and four (a) are out of ooasaiaelon. theot of ocenlsslon truck discrepancies are tho following!

oonp esufl and ra-Utor la


aal paap, betterp. fuel asaala


3* ona Paalatter? oaec*. Track attery need replacing. Seonialtlona for tha chore reQalred parta vara Bvfaeltted to SapaJp.

taaaarah far tha federal Steak Buoear* (rsi) af tha recpilred eeaplleaOLbeen eaai. steak leveleriod afct be iwnawaej* aa all lahrlaaoU and cleaning flald aaal ad hp different abet* are belap flaailned aad will he eab-atttad ta latereeted parUee.

Several plaae which are pet ta be prapaoed te IAF POLre ea fellow* i

To prcrldc fir*earack a.

Ta provide -roaad wiraa oa all rafweller truck*.

rt re at PCL paiaaaiaT on aafatp preeeoatrec.

Am oaalfara rofaeller track aaahaalce te eahe taa atrenght efaia will prorlde adeoaat* aaehaalee ta wark ea tha eat af aaentiala* truck*,

5- T*eparato atorege far laarleaata.

4. Ta aleaa ap the POL area.

7. Claaa ap aad BapelrU Trallera.


taring the lepeitlag parted the eearall workload aeardigh laval with eahU-tlocal aircraft twain* aao laced ta thaer Air Ferae. otal ef taaatpg_ aadX aircraft war* raaclrcd hp the Dawar Air Fore*. Of that tvaaty,) are newlpree TCTO eeapllnaee,rea Overand ene(l) fra* 1IAPit laa freaangkok.

Thei' of alraraftta tanar Air Perec at pkaaanl, whlah laareaaod aore tho* 1COJ onarojod ta taa anahar af aircraft latnah waa

klU tha laereea*irernft eaelaned t* llawar Airr win eel af AircraftPaintBrwaiea SeheaaUlap; le tatag laid cat far approval bp IAF. Alraraft hoavp earrlee flow tin* will alee he octobllood. nernnwia in thla regard* will fallow, if thie oohoaulaollowed then the problem ef tao near aircraft in PC at eae tie* eaa he virtanllr elide*tod.

Tho apelatlnVlaapeetlen of alraraft racer dc and the OR training ta waakar iiai aaaal la the law do Sootlonap eeodactad daily. Inpi maiatj war* noted an aoa* of tho IAF prranraal *ne*xnolag OJT. The old prebleatill with a* a* the por-eeoaal are elalntarootod and in com oaooa d* not enr*.

alreraft xttu kaoort ia being .ohnltiad to mattc daily. tala will rre-idereparation af, hou aad hcbm rata every aad af

* olaaaroaa traininglan aaa aaaa prepered for tha aaa of air pore*erineplight aal rointenance- leg booh. oneee. aaa bogla tho uj mdehe* ta fat tha aaaraaa going.

tha aaath af aapiataatiaa,roooottvo aoath far tha engine thok engine aaop araa aaa aaop lotaparlal aootiaa of tala aaop aaa alaa aat aaido forprop, botld-ap. k propeller for alraraftaa lapat aod neoyl.led and. special tool, aaaaala aad ecedrnaant fori aw shop atillarloaa pranoaa, hoooaor, aoa* aaaaala were baiiaaad froa air aanriaa, oaorn aatilb arrive.

pallation af* .agin* ahcp, i. net eapeeted 8a* aevoral snath ana

ta parte,nalanaat aaorteaee. tbe arrival frea odor* efcq qic porta

1 aceeleraaoK csc ion pre area,lallar listns soabdlled bp Xfrj rarerarnel forngine qev.

too leak8d anginal etlllajnr problen, ands now iis*inai, too eeoy8 engine available la be lae lee-redhat la appffoeehlm blab tine. 0 engine atetna remain* the aan*. son*aad0 alrarafthaa to bo released froa heavy sorriso nextp*clal effarteiac aad* to have theaod qic available bp the tlaa the rapalr uted.

7 angla* stoto* ban lnprovadei ably with fearteea engine*and, not laetnniag taa cagleec aaaplete aiu qic. th* preeyaa ut aad ck far2 to28 la j* sgibaaaoar, aaaa* lteaa era net available and this proarea la expected to *mct1*aa far atorel aara asatbo. 7 spar*lth than* alreraft aow hxpsatnrs and psopollere.

taa* ah as 1a*ave abeaa little sri mi interact la thernenea af taedr dettloe, alth tho aafispttna of ssearal say parooaael, and the available daily narkaa(da* to traininghnn ia fast it nhoald bavo beant* cover the new eg ngjaa*il aanada peeial effort by all een*eravad aaaldaeataah ly.

tb*hemic problem* etlll exist. poor leader ship of of fiacre la charge ofpear attendance cad preferanmae afand lock sf saanoaar. hlthla eeah program aad eectleo therecar nbo era theif all the sffisere aad nochanlc.ere preeent eech day and voald pi tab in and do their ehere it le felt, the nanpoeer prcblea moold not exist.

Another preblea bow to all ovotrBM look of Plloto for fantlnonl cheek

mghts,believe this prct-leo ooo_ bo redwood ooooohot by elorifytn-

oovoUotoU check flight, in otborP has oLrcrort oct.srh.lod far toot flights when aatnnlly tho aircraft ao aotost flight, gar Tochalaal Croer* cowering taia onbjast.

Caality coatrol ploy* sa larwaHoat roll la all sopsots of olrcraft aalatcsaukoo. bewarer far all practical payini IIP hoe act oaallty control. Thoyaalltp Control Section assignedi si Is, the Cuality Control poroooael oro aea existent la tha area* they arata ncrklag la tho personnel who were assigned oad trained. Specialist hare disappeared.

oaal who went eat noairy. Trelnlng have aloe Wooa* loot si

Th* rerinaaal who went sat nasi it. Trelnlng have ale* heooa* loot th*. Sootlon.

rollawlngrief report ef en the job training eencnctnd bynwleore CVT was limited da* ta workloadnviaore.

Of Tf.lnlnc

Sectionof PS wort

-oiiroital amgl*


** and cor* ef hsssl

of the Chief ef Sapply far aavatlomal COM us training ban lad t* theery knowlcdgeenle Cfflosr t* tha position. It is felt each laproraneat will bet*

The near Chief of Sapply ha* laereooed work bsnrs and praenatlTlty aacjoatg all areas of (apply and la time the reealt will ha speedier response ta anlnteeonee aaed* on aaUotally fwnctlmmlng Sapply act!city.

t primary preblea at this tin* la th* leakoa* nasal bio Officerta train snd saaaao reepmslsdlltlee ef th*aiide Cffleer. ftp Baiilrmirt nhas booa rolactoa* teecision, are pi orar laaUviaaals feltled sa riamsstod with negatlvw rospoaa*. Tk* mood is for an Cffleer atth good inglish loagamga eapahilltlea along with Isltlstlr* to learn kTUSTllPtianing proidolanalyse aaboaad aoeeogme. Identify problmao, tat* eeav roetlr* acticms snd draft aeeeesary reply aesi

Thisary laportant feaatlo*ualified ladlwldaol must ba ool ipsiil laasapUtaly te lneare eerdlenity sad iimmalw* ootlea toalUc*lng

P Sapply has pentad ta an all time high do.argo Influx*t*ther special projects at hand, kith the assistance Progrlatoeerwoy tlng the ,iott roloeoUen

*art ri.nh.rod55 hare boon relocated to roar nek* ud aoweaant oT0ine lteae of ipmU1 aad mm ia toola aara boom ralooatod to tk* ao-cureool crib la we_ah*eee fie* aad thl* projectil a, to la_*do aeecea>ll**lAC aiaroatery la taa soar latar*. Through aorlect, lapre*au- kaiafllac aadargo -ar and tie. ofeal* ara ataalag. Stock balance dlaciapaney roporte will aa prorldodc*tod parceaa apoo ooupletlen of lBTootary.

part* baa* beea warahoaa.dla tapper.,laaatloa* aaAMU apara*. ill ba aooadiaacaalinetaa at tat rolocatloa preapna pregpaeaea.

ta dlaanoocd la laat aoaUaK part* aad toollag (ta*acks, propeller aadogi-atoollagrable*. * aa* tooling aad spar* part* oooorrtlal taK program ear* aaegLliiil bp 'arloa* Adrtaoro aa* aara airiiani agaloat XSSL's, PSTX'a aad tosaiag author*-aatloas. Kany vara act foaad la Ueoo lists aad/ar laadaqaata aaanltloe vera ordereddditional prlarltp rooaJaltlaaa. aoay Iteaa or* awaiting rooaUltlonlng oaook of rending, la taoa* line*.

raaa-ag for certaina*ajar preblea aadoldlag ap ro-o* loll toeing af aaap critically aaadad ltoaa,oi pracovataI tooling, aaap Itaaa lapat ta ITXC war* rejected daaook of faadlag and reaalre raaabal*alan whoa faodlng linian available. Tblarerlau troaafar af faad* toaas fro* taaaaata aatlfloatlaaC that ovar axpeaid. ragraa cbaage ha* boa* racpawrted aotifIcaUoa af approval baa act pat been rcoelrad.

1 larga beanie* af reparable parts war*ap en ring taa enath and aelpped te reepeoUre oewreenl egaactoa. Taa chirping aad rooolTiagas.of oereral eanaox aamiaeie to allow far aadit local wartdng *poao far both actlrltlae. Swporvicon ranelaa week la aaracaaaiag and aaaaWjaaal aad ra-cel-iag aad plana ar*lpa tk* aaalataat Chief of aanplp ta taeo*lthough a*aak Mperrlacr aad peerlp caallfled bis physical praaeaee willark catgut.

projoeta taa at lang cxi.tlng psablene hove gotten mh proper eoawaert aad aa entire latoreet bp AAP laaiapaiimathat af taa now Chief Of Supply It la felt that att tb* pact trend ofla problaa soxrlag *am bo rewureed aad aa aea art dean ta taa baalneee at band.


i.-'. Orifflo


lOSTC Trninlng Soot ion


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