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daring ua Boat* ef october uc acttrtfcy ateaieally tba aaaa aa la ua past bat with aatabls ispi iiiimsaf la sons areas.

tba anrale of th* paraaaalnail low sad took sa even loaar dip ana to the non-avallahllitp of aurfidaot rlea at th* official price*. the anutaaance poreevael still do aot have aaffielaat eerwleeable aniforaaad acat do act barethla la it*saslag poor aarale. iddiuonallr aa often beard acss-plalnt la a* asat th* alrbaa* for taw patoatl to cat. often tlaaa tha asa go with oat food for aenylso talaahl* working boar* are spent by each lnclridwalnail pat ef rle* or waateenr.

if we are going to ever be able to felly wtiliac the available sen/soars eoaetrae-tivslyeecball enat e* eada available far the perecaael to aa*. it is dlf-flcalt to concentrate on andood Job when yew are hungry.

to be-to sxart tha meatmen oat-put fro- the technician* oa the job raonlrce taking cars of thee, aad improving their aarele.

tor the first tlaa known to thara rlsssiail saint sans* scbedel* far aircraft snd-rolngcerjrspect loots baa bona pot into effect. th* haintenanco control officer hasiant etep la initiating this procedure. the oeheonle ealp ee*ar* threeoj type* of alraraft at present bet will cower ea-tlr*eor fetor*. thster tal* plan tha aircraft ore eregi aaii to be lnpotote aad rolooaod fro- mslmtomomoopnclflc dote, if oat roloosed thsn the maintenance coatrol officer starts ssking eneetloa, whyf. with this la effsot probloaoa bo pia pointed sad actio*revent la fa tors.

it ha* bee* reported eaay tine* la past bat ao action hoe been taken to solve the probloa of cossssalcation betwoon the differoot shopst ssctioao, and flight una. plans are aew te lavcetlgate th* possibly purchase aa later-coa spate* with omf-ficiont slars station* to allocates icatlcn prohlen. the receipt of tha motorola walkio-tsucio tanloa helped, hewerer, unrr*aaarge gap to be filled bp other ooaan. astheda.

theol ref solars sect loos are co-plots iy laendotad with work with ao paaalblo wop of catching op, aach loco staying ah roast with the'nieg ef this with pros sot banning and organisation. it ho*sssmlnl that the kaf reod-oaiartere aos and plight line, aoz bo osfclnod to allow bettor coatrol of tho aaint-caance of th* eaelpmmmt.

sone fadlaas* aits ore ondsr-sy and this will bo af no oh asaistanaa ta future when they are completed. progress, however, slow is balag mads.

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intraaaed. tm eeln ruifii for this is batter sortie atiilsatlea ef too olrcreft toot ore enallable. this is aoporrli-lly tree taoard the letterf the socctlu

icadh seentv eet of oeooltiinn st this time. oltlsej for ferryo thai-en for over tall sill,5 are doom aar engine telln dean fer engine tiaace, vfaeo this is issulililseat ho fleva ta thai-a* far alas off tcto aaaillient. tallstill weitloc tarred to toai-a* iter nin* of*ni 11

training- iset laa was tsapiirsrlly suspended^nwihsolss ar* aeelgrad beak to the lighternod ion da* to taa increased n> reload. lt* shift ore* ef) to} aecneaiao has aaoa ateeted to toko oar* af aneaeamlad aalntesaaos oa tho operational aircraft, to allow aaalada oral lealr oar the faueadni day. it la *nhn*n* at thla tlaa ictcthar ar net this *U1 b* heal fin el tot sartors* case aeetlen or sat soly tlaa will tall.

taa problem aaaa*ae naa a* ateted la ysatlsas asntblynnrt annate operational areend support egrrlneant. halted benaar eeeee, aad peer ligbtlae; fa-eilitlee inside hanger for night shift wart. l sectien baa beea saalgnod th* eaaot aengnr. orte to7at ofa far be* prosed faille, ablch reamltonste efaaaar ana**

he raia and hot

ereeeed oeasrthat,rerleae have*harged5 right bead eneagod da* etada breke off oa hleasi cart ken, amepeet thla angina oaa eras- beoated by op at at arc daring- elaatens. 2 right hand crooned da* interns! ellthe aeapellar to bunt, veald net bald fir* denlaf. flight. 4 right band engine changed dae esneeelve natal la eil seraem. aaaa af thee* failure* eaa be attrlantedto tares par operatiao af the eagle* by saintjerserai aadraa*. avav-ap pioeedure abeet* aae* been dietrlbeted to aaehenlss tbat are lnroleed with angina ran one. flight eree* eaaald ha laatrnetod to edanre to oorreet spai sting prit stated la night


Ucfc or adequete spare paru is UU canalng ite share of problem. Lac* ol* spare M'-Uriu mv* uom delay* during tM aoUn aaoth. This problem Is further aggravsted by naintenance aad flight mmm not eelng power twits.

3 wea deotroyed by fir*. Th* sircrsft was hit by hostile Or* and the aircraftest fir*t landed at rOchentong. The aircraft peeeiblr oould have been aaved if fire department reset leo tie* was cjuleker aodfire flgbtlag etalpsnat we* eveble, equest tc fwi.TC to bringire yitfnUau/Crash Craw Speoiallet bee West approaad cad expect th* apeelaliet middle ef

2 woo downrlty of the nth da* exeaaalve eerroolom oa the bally of tho alroraft. Thla aircraft wee sravteeely oeat to Thel-aa for thla aeaa prehlea bat obviouely poor oorrectlve actiont that ilea. etter he* bean drafted to sft&TC regarding the quality of th* repair of this alreraft end hopefully it will be forwerded to pert leo concerned.

Seaaral tlaa* daring tho aentb this oeetienot the aano for ICO hoarnepectian, daa toahortagela aaat aaOaoirablo, glint learn Control slaco, bave eet apto whan alroraft will bo lapat intoefolly thla eehednle ifwill alien tlaoly lapots sadtine aad therefcr eolec thla

Three1 aireraft arrived during the nonth, aoxortoaotoly janlilaa* caaa with tana. Tallrrlasd with right bead Jot door actuator Imperative. Three actaator* ware available la Supply heewrver, all thrceO) *or* uneerviceaele, la order to release th* aircraft aa eeteator had ta bo ooanohllsod froa aaotbar alroraft. Tailoaa of tho alreraft tbat Jeet arrived) opar* tadow days aeaa it was grnmalol due to daecge to ear ap reap doer. The reap door actaator bracket wee ripped eat of the door coMed by improperprooaduiaa by Plight Crew. Bhaetantal repair la coder way aa ne oae aery part* ware rerxnarted and raoalved froa sir mar los, Ddom and aheald bo onapleted

ndrc waiting for inpot into Phase Inepeetien thr oeveral wenkao*eweel alaa; bafbre it la inpnt Into Phoao Inapsotion.

It has beea eeggeetade lapat late Pkace Inepontlon aar* at Poohrather than wait two**aks before it eon be ferried to Tfael-cn, as of the tlaa of thla writingagpnnnUna ha* asm aoved on by UP far rcanons aaeeiiiai It le felt that ta* OJT by ssaesjil Idling ta*nspection bare would bo worth son-eldereblo to tho neobaaica ef thla section.

eintananca organisation need* to b* re^xreanisod In erddr to laorcoa* ncintenanco prcdaotivlty end proper pereoenel utilisation. The sect inn sowplit sp Into Individual section* or .roups, for emaplo, hydreolie section. Jot eenai eeotaoo, racltroctlng angla* aeetlen, at*. This man. that If, for eaaaplc, there

ot any hydr-ulic problem* onircraftoyo, tho poopl* In thisaction on abeelately aethlnc form except nit in tho and noitydraoOia leak. ot tmglmeoo* anrhaoip angina oaal vino reran. Thla typo of an orao.n1 tat Inn lo not edvlomble on thla tin* earn to tkf'm mtmm ir proelon. Thle aloe aoaaaa that th* iaal or* ant about the other ayetnen of th* alraraft. bTith th* ehorteg* af oltentlonhat thalaam a

OvaroU oporotioa ofrtao lea poor, routine a* in! anoiMie taken entirely tee long and alraraft that lacnlr* tart fligfate ara net flaan for eaya after roloaae fraa aatntaaaaca. Tentatloe plana aa* are to tend> aircraft ta Dcnra for Miot training ea th*oc ten, chat te peer 1 11 with all

and cany other problaat too raaaaraaa to aantion, thla plan will probably have lo bo oltared

The alraraft repair oad engine change0W? which eoUidedS loot aoath hM been collated, olrereft waa finally teat flown and releeecd to operation after aany delayo. ngioo* wore changed earing tha month for high *il coee*nptloo, it la hepod that ohenging theeooh twenty) beer* ef operation will help oil art acta thla problem. o*caaagad whenrcoan looped at Ptrttmdnra. daajnapj baaanwj repairapajg apajnaag dag tmlilai aliipagi The left aain peer nee ripped eat of ratal ago which eaaoad major oanag* In the attacha* input far rail* andlfleatloa, thla aociflcotloo wo* completed9 ao ononged eatatatloa either loot part of loot month or thla aoath, due te poor f imp thlell the information that la known at thla tine.

nt*nonco Sootloa

ActlTitie* i" eectloa roaaliiml buoy aa nroal, however, tha rot* of production le .till below fltecnerde. Tha* la eeeawal bp poor laedeanoDop by the Officer la Charge aad th* rod tape involved In prater.olng work

tngia* eoovoreloa end otrnctaol Inarartlan8 an* eeeplatcd, thawon teat flown and rclceeed ihr opcretloa*. o* Inpnt into heavy service tor doohlo engine end nropoUer chang*. Alao while la heavy eerrlce both aeln whaela and both engine ell tana* weretroctaal laepoctloa waa aloe Ofwaplotad. Thla aircraft waa Managed1opper attaatt aid aoatalinwl aajor to canwing and fnemlag* eectlon.

1P fnaelaga ligm, have orrlvod and have boon pat lata nee. Th* look ef pert*1 aircraft ha* already off acted the repairlrtaal-ly all work la atatand otlU ea* thle problea.

ground loop ad tha latter part ef the aonth la preaaatly lnetailed la th* Jig, lack of ohcctaetal naopevareel pa>blea la thla ere* aad it deoMfwll that any work will bo tramp] it bod on thle aircraft for aaotha t* eoaa,hlft la pereoaael la conplled with allevUto the ehortogc of oheataatal oaahoalc* In thla eeethna.

OQDtlMM to be beavlly loaded ulth work. .MuffenpOtCT, lack

of porta Lack of Tech Crdere, and tan enperate tQZ Shop* all contribute to tanfid ency of tola section. ageocated Dear the night Line lo for allpvrpoaoa ustlou. ioolpneot that lalnoperntlvo In this section oata tor wewks without any type of oorrectlTo action. Thla create* nuaerOM delays on th* aircraft night Line, for oaK thathit by hostile fireail out ona-elselon for several daya because all portable air roaprwiioiaout of eonnlselon. Thla aircraft could have ban repairedatter of hour* if tho ground support equipment vaa operational.

The aaa* isrhlam and bottle neakn in this Motion hav* axis tad for awothe aad nalrne action la taker, to try and correct these paofeleM, production ln thla ssotlon ulll always rsaaln subetm^derd,

hop la undergoing renovation, pro grace is very slow for rain in known to all eneacrnsd. It la bepcd thatUd* project la oospleted the extra shop floor apace will help oUnlnat* thoconjee tod araa.


ing Adject


Overhaul Master

Lubrication C


re ofof Training

Shootnntal and Aaeociated Shape

Thla aoationbusy a* newel, following arc too aajor itens par.'oined during the sooth.

la 7 aircraftorrosion st bottom BH fuaelage fron oenter to aircraft section.

lreraftollision damage repair at BH one* soot ion of alreraft.

ircraftelnfoicMwit of toromo box panel noea landing gear.

lroraftattle damage repair at BH King root ond aaaa teeporary repair on BH upper corner of vlndohield.

ircraftorroeion damage repair at oenter botton fusel sg

ircraftepair coca Motion on Jig aircraft.

ircraftodlfieatlon of radio configure!looAD.

g. The aannfoctarc end nodlflcotlon of rocket POD bracket oaD aircraft.

atvaxractur* ofach fire extinguisher bracketK aircraft.

ModificationD recant pod,

" ofach Jet engine coverX aircraft.

12. Houiifactoro ofach bolt0 engine ot til Step.

Tbo ropolrZSKeap door ooo asUyed duo look of portable air compreeoor oooiXoMlltj, this lomajor problam for flight lino soeatmntal. 0 mlnuta Jobooro do eomploto bocaooo It takaa antirmly to long together tbo oqulpmrot to ommploUfllmplo Job.

Engine Build-up Sootlon

As rofloctod in previous monthly roporU tbo workload and anglnm rinli anmiilmon tha LEC Shop hora increased ahorply during October. Tho ooollablo DO paioonnol bovo boon momhlo to kmop paoo with thlond oro at mi ao mi it apcrating approxlmotoly too mootha bo bind aehodula In engine bolld-opo. inch of porcoDoal and motivation being tho prion) foctoro taring thlo annocoaoary backlog. It oho old bo apparent now that thlo chop (oa lo trno with any maintonaneo chop) cannot oontlmmo to predneo coaoponontoimely msmnsr with only com amnrtanaf tborowl ohop porooomol, gopbtrlsl Ty taking into conoiderotlon tho looknteract ci. play ad by the majority of paroomnol that aro proa ant.

ngine prromtiiro fmiluroo Incroaocd ohorply thlo month, oad rmnoln ot prooont tho prima concern. Ill offorto to pro Tide on glass for theme aircraft oro being nada, bowovor, the preeent cnpplyngine* aro only ami* to nnet the re-onlrement end hopefully more anginoo mil arriro shortly, others lee8 aouovlroo could find thenemlomo in big tronbln.


jcalotarmnoo Ceotrol Section

The month ef October ha* rooultedlight increasek load recnirenenU for tho UP Halntananee Control Sootlon.

7 engine etotne lo .officiant for ther*mamto of th. next four to six menthe. However, the mmnpower to build-up theme inquired iimmimmte loollableack coot to8 program ot |i

Svery effort mill be mod* in the coning month*to work oaroalvee out of this holm, and pro rids thsss meaemeary anegxwaentmimely manner.

to risen as. from the SCS/PsR homo SO^ShTJlJl doted. it. Col. Lorn Smmnmith, an oircrmft molntononoo ochedullmg progren bma been initiated7 and Pa-IP airereft bp the UP Msiatonaneo Control Sootlon.

A weekly hoary maintonaneo aehcdale to being prepered end distributed to ell eonmarned topefolly, thle will relioTe the problem of hewing norm eirernft that the UP Holn-tonaooe eon handle ot one tine. With theoordination of Plight Operation, and Kolntononeo Centrol, the hoary onlnteoonee ecfaedullng pro gram forem been mOTlng very emeothlp with mo major problomm mnonentered curing- tba month.dnled mmintonnnee ore being not end eirernft ere bedng releeond on time. ho anticipateowovor, on theone hip and Training Hall copters dne te theof their flight. Suggcot that tho Plight Cporotlone would give em their flight ro-



TW followingbree*iorn of hear/ aarrlcea ccapi.tvd in



UK-LB Cuushlp






QT Thai-** )

tha BAF'e ej?eaelon rw the peat ee^erel snathe, theeet loo le hi wing aore wioui, Infaraatlea cannot ba ueelaated cnlnklp aanaiji ta heap abreaat el tba requlreaaate. Plane to rootlf* thle are aoa taia*.

POP aircraft ara aot bedag teat flowm oa ttaa. ircraftA0 vara raleeecd lar PCP anadctober reeaaotlrelr, bat were aot toot flow aa ef thle dote. 41 aea laleeaed far PCP oactober oad teata aawaenaa ground tiae bale, wanted end off acta the Avlalability Bate ef the aircraft, drastic aetloa la required ta ee lro thla areblaa lneodietalr.

Delay la refaelltag eft tehee hoara or deje to refeel oa aircraft. Thlo io balac attributed aa enljtCaS rnfooller la laealoolea aoet ef tha thee.

POL Soetlon

caaplaiaa fron holatoaaaae Control rewarding

:og, pacien,TGAS refuelling troche hara boon deeaV liaed forha reealnlngA3 rofaallare are aot adequate te enrar the preeent icadm of olreraft assigned ta BAP ot nasp. Air Been- Plane ara ae* la effect ta releeae at local

POL Soetlon baa been reeolrlag tba delays of aorricing aircraft.

Bcmlred parte previously ncnlaitioned haaa aot arriad aa of thla date.

elieve thlo problem, wouldthat the required aorta ho laaallr purchased orofaallare be added to tha POL Scettau. At preeeat

On-parte, tla-dnu. bit. pain.

Parteand penp. These

*"Ppl> foras been filled and oubnltted to

A cmex Am been provide to pol section to be need os sa office aad .toraga of high oaece parte st toe plight lloe area, kith taa help ofcrecooel from knginaeringloe eheek lo being butt aad expected to be con-pletcd la tbe coming nonth.

hejor problem la the polae ins taa ssns ee to ny nrorlooa reportc, ia-

,pmp*ocejlxeactt, -ore

technical qualified aacbeniaouet if this section isen nn> to

rlee tbe elrcraftea one ma aaaaest of una eitbemlaye.

technical trainingr" 1

tralnlag activities for tbe nonth wereanlnaa das te laek of etadeom. only ap technical order system sad the bajllah elaeaee were oeodacted lootaad of the ccnaee eebodnlo ao plaaaed. the saintarenas aeuvitlea could aot eepply enough atudente duo to the detell of aa ah an ice for out country training. even the bnglieb"hich fomerlyood nanber of rtedante era llhnvlee affected andou arc not. attending.

neater training scfanduleartshsr aad aap and bxctc it bed bean approved ond will bea ding oa tho availability of atad

auealttcd to

preparation of tho heater taat pile la la program. another net nfeeetlone have bean aade aad edited hot typing than en qoaation card* had bean tenporerily eue-pended due to lech of typewriter.


ctober. project at udorn, thailand, tbe bnmladg. they the near future. 4

section ii

eepartedat-coontryroject ea expected bat to8 ragerdleaa of uhat typo of an-craft they stony,

as luetrectore la arrlted froa thailand


olaos i

class xx

t.o. syataa



cleoaroon/ojt coaoeroen/ojt

in problona

the prlaary problem la lack of badly needed tralnlag aaajnnead - perticular eunhaale la air aaa adypewriter and ditto neehine. lock of thici arnlnaant bedonalcarabu delay la the preparation of reperte, training records. student'ai'tnann rectora, and othertreining prejeete.


oontlnue the preparation ofteat pile.

e tart naa coureaa depending upon tha availability of atudente.

c to coordinate eith thee" project, regarding the otillxatlon of neenenio-intarpretcre ao lnetructora for1 oouroe ca*eaaavna fep

pact rl col aaaj liirtrwot

7b* electrical portion of thle section rasa inert rorp boor during tbo aoath. of.imtrtui tronblo shooting snot bn occnteatlp and oolsolytto uut rirraoil, if thin i. not conedewan aircraftit nont bo aaderctood that aban thatn tho plightla thaof thaha alaatrital nnd lnatnnaaat abop lethe introdnctlea ef1 aircraft earing the anmth the plightpreblcao hava lnaroeaedtboaigger berdan on eneonete soperrislon le reojclraci in both the chop

end the flight lino an additional spools list -ill he recnlrod. if an aaultlnnel sponu^be pro-toed renneet the oetahll*ing of the priority en to nhor* the specieliet le to bo penltlonen.

the enjoritp of ell eleetrl clone mslgaed to the plight line ara not able totrouble ahootiag eeeoaee thap do ont knew hew toiring alegreaoehcanrua. farther onre they do not know the aeenlng or understand theepabolo. it la ceggseted thatocjree ebonld be eet up toleast the baaepairhat arofor proper treabl*hoot lag.

tha ronteaiien nf the tlcap aadau bottory roene ore aad sa sap. the picearly eeepletod eneept for eono teach up vcrk. beth rooan ohoald be sonl-ped with acne sort of ran ti lot ton systea in order to elialaeto electrolyte oapora which are eaagwreae to psraaraal,


taoding gear systea trouble

fire earning eyoten trouble


eati-ekig apatea trouble

nana abeol stoat-tog; tronblo

airborne kadlo shop

lea af the airborne radio sana boa started. power dlotribotua taad lighting la l. pregxoao. locally parabnee elaetrical ootlete aad its bill replaae worn-ent eld oaae. tba rotter, irladwa, fraaee aae* repaired after eeapletlenoot ri col oet-ep.

ool henna oor* drawn free capply owl dlctribatad78 boole aeehaaiaa. total afeal bona* bare new eean loaned toadio iton oervice innianil af bothact loan.

canadlc ccen/nae. ccnflgnratlcn5 one ted early thlo

shop ser-toe record endtogm/taaali3 enitonb-eeay. ncduloo.

ihtaeporabtoo on


Support oelatcoaace4 ,Ueuttsaroblea. a preeently Halted te bench un and routineonly for tbU eojalpnent.raining eneystaneant tan ebop* repair technician le highly reei ram led, before local capability can b* ectablleted.

iraaanat Jeetlna

October waa probably tea baaleat anath that tala aeetlen aaa erer experienced. crtie* increesed treaneaeaaalr along vlth lereral ether eraah preface* taat aoreaad aoopletod. soak loader* continue to (Ire problene, leek af pert* and onellfled pereonnel eeotlnae to haapar. Section In beeping ebroeet ef the aetntenaooe in that aartion.

hat aaa nrarleuoly eead for trainingonflgured beakighter. The lnetnlletlen of theol. pana and benb raeka oaa dona in record tlaa, aoniioi, elect rl aal tremble* with taeae aeeanbloa pi or net ad thla aircraft fraa flying operational eertleeajo. aa aenllcend la previnee amnthly re-porte tale eeetien doe* net here any eleetrieiana that are fendliar with the elec-trloal pcrtlcne of arwenwnt are tan. Raeeaaaad that eleotrlcal Technlaleaa be aaalened In tala area, and trained on tbe anlntenano* aad trouble shooting ef the waepone areteea. Tala will bo taken up. at th* eerlieet to pet the program

fellowlag of fir nil roe oaallaai to plecae the Technical aea^etente. hare reenaeted tbef the UP eefety Of fleer who recently returned f_ COBS bat te late be la etlll aaslaacd te leedonartere. It baa beam iU eULTC that th* eefety Offieera apeod at least part af hi* tlaa at tarn air Base to aoolat la laltUtlng afe woTklag practice* aad pre eo dares.

aotsUT Sootls*

although progreo* lo caanUnuiac in all area* ef Supply with oeneuula oa etook re-Ineatian proeroa* the work pace boa eOcraased considerably la the poet few weeks, aoral* eeen* to be th* prieary factor ia ganaral. although the Baral* preblen baa long been recognised by sV.aacdcnartere end la seed freonently aa reeeone fer thlaga act get tin* aeeoapliehed oa tlaa or not at all, they eaa* to place little capcae la em lean eilng aneeltlnna con tribe tlag to lew am cla

rreoeaare* aero beea provided ferf alli aiaaannalliia an early etart date aad eeepletlen. art date bee not yet beea aetabliebed, bat sddi-tlcnal prcddlng will be node to gat the Inventory and*rwey. kith ceaspletloa of tao tool lawenicry hepefa^Ty the peaaamaatly eatebliakad cosnt team wiU eontinaa without delay for inveeUry class by eleee ef all other HIP supplied alreraft parte and naterlale.

atterte are being ansae to clean ap aad empty uereboaa* ems entirely for erectever to saint an eaa* for other 0 thisasaad Chinee* toellng od conoiderable onanltlea along with fact* forlonger in eerviee, elean up aad convlnlmg lap to dlecerd aea eaable lteaato delay afforto for longer thanium le

Sfforte to eat anderwey ccnwt^oUon of tho cute id. Supplyod stearins area, now acre then twe ecamoc, aneaooa overdue, naeto with ocBtinoed exclave

frets Civil engineering sach ss no noalpnontj no fill dirt, no manpower, and no tins. Completion oftlal to sllow for balk stock mrrsavnt fron caerei ended warohcotea for additional Carrion rook eonetructicu. genewed efforts will ho ooco at tho beginning of tho up cud egoo an.

eporobla norto which hoveeattimlng problem since start ef thlo project alll hopefully be Improved with return ef roporohloo to the original contract Or at Odorm bt4fb. Primary problem soeao tc bo am stsnrtord parts not cmsiira to other aircraft for ehlch repair comgananta are snort in Supply. The Inability to reoulsltlaoedloe duo to the reenlrcsswet for programing action coop lot ad with lank of repair eapebUitlaeoe depleted ell eervieaohlo aosote and crentod shertagee on aircraft, Instructions te ship all units te CCBB3epair end return basic bus reversed and spore unite have now boon repnisltlened.

foilnrc of the POL OXC toods etc en tine sad te follow-up en order* placed continue* to create shortague of various POL products. both eventual coop lot Ion of the Supply eutoide storage ore* It la hoped that ell scntlaerissd stocks coa bo returnee ta Supply control with amtcnotie roplrnl thnnat taken a* le naraal for Supply controlled stoeko.

HP requisition otacol 1st tone eotttlaae to be prehlsna witheceived during th* kith InlttstlsB of follow-up cod* ATI itoped entssatls re-Input of rsaiilrsaanU will tana pleas ellsdnetlng Cap licet loo of effort* sad loe* ef tlas.

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HSDTC Training Saotion




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