Created: 4/25/1974

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There ts still no known confrontation between government forces

and the still unidentified rebel units which participated In an

uprising In Lisbon early this rooming, according to

isbon time, but the rebels have announced the "surrender" of

the Caetano government.

The rebel group, calling itself the "Armed Forcesontinues to broadcastadio stationall to the police and paramilitary units not to oppose the movement of liveration from the regime which has long dominated the country. Earlier the group had distributed leafletsevision of Portuguese colonial policies in Africa.*

Troops took over various government buildings, according to

Agence France Presse and distributed leaflets


Li. Gen Walter


set ational Junta of Salvation to rele Portugal.

The state supported news agency has acknowledged thatilitary uprising has occurred.

According to lutest press reports the Insurgents announced at nidnornlng that they were nearly in complete control of the situation and claimed that they were having talks with the defense minister, General. Addradc Sllva Cunha. They also announced the formation ofrovisional governnent.

The governnent troops dispersed a silllar protest by some dissident military last month from supporters of General Spinola who protested his dlsaisaal. It is not yet clear If "thle group vlll have nore success.

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