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Weekly Summary


WEEKLV SUMMARY, issued every Friday morning by tho Oftlca o' Currant Intelligence, reports jnd analyzes slgnlf-icant developments of the weak through noon on Thursday. It frequently includes malarial coordlnatad with or preparedho Office of EaKiorrvic Research, the Office of Strategic Re-ie*<ch. and me Directorate of Science and Tacrine logy. Topics requiring mora comtxenernrv* treatment and there-fore published separately es Special Reoorts are listedtne contants.


The WEEKLV SUMMARY contains Classified Inlormatlon affecting the national security of the United States, within the meaning of. of the US Code, es amtndad. Its transmission or revelation of itsto or receipt by an unauthorisedrohibited by lew.


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slaying last week of Premier Carrero Blanco complicates General Franco's carefully laid succession plans and compounds theof the post-Franco era. Althoughcrowds of far rightist groups turned Car-rero's funeral processionro-regimethe general atmosphere elsewhere has remained calm.

Vice Premier Fernandez-Miranda, whobecame acting premier,ermanent appointment.lose associate of the murdered leader and an advocate of his restrictive political policies. Fernandez-Miranda can be expected to carry on the regime's policies. He lacks the prestige Carrero had as Franco's long-time choiceuccessor, however, and he is more likely to be challenged by others wanting the post. Although Franco could delay his decision, he is expected to follow theprovision that calls forewwithin teninterpreted to mean working days.

In view of the possible threat to law and order implicit in the assassination, Franco may conclude that the premiership should go tofurther to the right thanossible compromise choice would be theof the Cortes. Rodriguez de Valcarcel.ilitary choice is deemed advisable. GeneralDiez-Alegria, chief of the High General Staff,ossibility, but more conservative military leaders ate available. Other possible civilian choices are former information minister Fraga (now ambassador tone-time labor minister Giron, former minister ot Ihe National Movement Cuesta, and the present foreignLopez Rodo. Franco might even decide to reassumo the post himself.

The other part of Franco's succession plan remains intact. Prince Juan Carlos, whom Franco named9 as king-designate, is still slated to become chief of state when Franco dies or is incapacitated.

The police have identified the assassins as six Basque terrorists, who are still at large. Allare members of an outlawed separatistknown as ETA. which stands for Basque Fatherland and Liberty. ETA has sought toits demandseparate state and lo raise funds to continue its struggle by carryingumber of bombings, kidnapings. and bankin northern Spain.

Meanwhile, the trial of the "Carabanchel Ten" dissident labor leaders, which began the day

General Franco leading Ihe Carrero funeral procession




of the assassination, was concluded last week in spite of the three-day mourning period. Thehasears for "illegalerdict of guilty is expected, possibly before the end of the year.

The Spanish Communist Party, of which most of the Carabanchel Ten reportedly areand other anti-regime elements had expected to use the trial to publicize the absence of human rights and free trade unions in Spain. Their hopes were dimmed by the assassination, which stole the headlines.umber of foreign observers at the trialress conference in Madrid at which theytatement attacking the government for rigging the trial and forpolitical rights. After the verdict is made known. Franco may reduce the sentences in order to minimize the impact on Spain's Image abroad. (CONFIDENTIAL)


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