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Conting.!ncy for Evacuation of Airpersonnel. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Under the provisions of this contingency plan for evacuation of Air Amertce/LHAT personnel stationed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Vice President South Vietnamis assigned operational responsibility for BTacoatioaed in South Vietnam

SCR Phnora Fenh is assigned renponsibillty for advising VP/SVND, via Company or Customer communications, the type and number of aircraft sufficient to accomplish the evacuation of all Air Anerica/LhAT personnel and their dependents.

There aresr-ens to be evacuated. This number should be interpreteduideline only as it is subject to fluctuation due to TCS, leave

dependent travel, Consult attachment for current names, addresses, and

pick-up point -ssignmentfj,

preferred evacuation procoduro is that the SCR vill move all

porsonnel t0 Pochentong Airport and6 aircrnft will evacuate the ontira contingent in ona trip to Saigon

H5UC0PTER ar/XUATICH- if the road between Phnom Penh and Pochentong Airport" is interdicted or the airport Itself is closed due to hostile activity, then the evacuation will take placo from Phnon Penh city, utiUslng rotorwing aircraft Four helicopters will be rsruired to completed tho evacuation (threendBHF). Provision will be made toAR helicopter ifwarrant it for emergency lift and comco relay. If the reouired number of alrcrpft -ire not available at Saigon, then OM Saigon will reouestupport from Can Tho. Helicopters launched from Can Tho will proceed to Tay Ninh westor refueling and rendezvous with the Saigon helicopters for briefing beforeto Phnon Penh, The ovecuation force will then proceed to Phnom Penh, effect the pick-up of the evacuees, proceed to Chau Docnd or. to That Sonor refueling, then return to Saigon.

PLANpossible, all personnel will assembleingle pick-up point

for evacuPtion. This will facilitate supervision of the evecurtion, coim-urdcetion with the evacuation aircraft, and will provide the highest degree of mutualfor then this situationingle evacuation ooint,ime will land at the HLZ and pick-up approximrteiy one fourth of the evacuees then take off, wait for the remaining personnel to be picked-up and all aarcraf& proceed together to Cheu Docnd on to That Sonorthen on to Saigon.

SCR PNH is responsible for selecting the proper pick-up noint based on thasituation at the time of the evacuation.

FLANthe tactical situation preclude as stably of the entire

evacuation contingentingle pick-up point, every atteaot will be mad* to asaeable then into two groups, one located at ALFA pick-up point and cn^ located at BRAVO pick-up point (with CH/JUIS pick-up point r* en alternate); Since this is the most probable continiencyelicopter evacuation, each Air America/erson in Phnom Fenh has beenrin/ryanpick-up point (oee ftt-chnents). In this situation two helicopters each will be rssigned to ALPHA end BR;VOLIB alternate) pick-up points; On arriving rt thopoints, one helicopter will lane immediately ond begin boarding passengers (approximately one half of the personnel at the pick-up point). After the first helicopter his departed the pick-up point, the second helicopter will land for boarding the remrining passengers; All four helicopters will raaain In contact with each other and proceed to Chsu Doc for refueling snd continuation to Saigon.

If any aircraft is disabled *nd capability is insufficient to uplift all pasasn-gers and crew, those remaining do all possible to proceed to tht national stadium. If an aircraft is disabled, but able to got airborne or maintain flightimited distance, do all possible to divert to (as briefed) to facilitate rescue.


SCR PJH has VHF cooao at his residence which is adjacent te BRAVO pick-up point. SCR PNH will remain in contrct with tho aircraft enrouta to Phnom Penh; TheVHF frer.. SCR PNH also has SSBt his residence with which he will rerotin in contact with the second group of evrcuees in the eventLAN THREE evacuation.


Evacuation point supervisors have been assigned for pick-up point ALPHA and point BRAVO (alternate CHARLIE). (See attachments). Tho evacuatioA point supervisors will snsure that all personnel assigned to their respective assembly area are notified of the ponding evacuation and ar* present for the airlift. Additionally, when all personnel are accounted for at the assembly area, thepoint supervisors will expeditiously move their personnel to the pick-up point at the appropriate time* The Supervisors will assist boarding tho personnel onhelicopters, and accounting for all personnel to be evacuated.

HLZgenerator (preferablyowaver SCR PNH advises aeft.

to lend regardless of smoke color;

FIC SON is responsible for providing current charts of Phnom Penh city with the pick-up points and other pertinent information indicated on the charts. FIC SGN will also provide thebriefing for all crews departing from Saigon Changes or recommendations for this jv/cuation plan HOXEKJM should be forwarded to FIC SGN for incorporation into this plan. SCR PNH or his representative is responsible for providing current infor-vition to FIC SGN relevant to Attachment <I) "LHAT PERSONNEL RESIDENCE AND LOCATION?;

- 2 -

lrjeted thrt

the evacuation aircraft will use *pcwor sjttinjcic.-ted airspeed. Fuel consumption is corputstf tcfilofll ccr Sln-jtaotalangeutical aJljs. ilea shouldinutao at the above power Batting, Ittlciprteehowill take P? rinutea flight tine froa Try ainh uast tc ?hnon Fenh tc ChPu Doc, leaving the DUII modelinutestiw.

REMARKS: Shracuation plFn HOhSRUN will be initi-tad by SCR PNH or hie rapresentativo by contacting Plight Operations Liviaior.,via the cost expedient oethcd. Should the evacuation plan be initiated at night, first light evacuation will be porfonrrtd.

During the actu-'l evacuation, aircrows should attempt to ninicrize radio transmissions in orderop the evacuation fre-uency clear for laingQSJtJcomfrunicptlons.




personnol residence and location Personnel statistics

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