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Santiago CD k> Diplomatic Bifortatlon Service In8r ) Santiago, Oil Sentewspaper LA TEHCIAA DC LA SORSbrtti carries an Interview vlth Chi Iran governing Junta chiefinortW entitled: I* Rot and There Mia SetAny Violation ofights fi'tWlr." Is his Interview with MmioMn Maria fiiganla Overrun:

o not antvcr Insolent letters referring to acta which did not occur, not been violated in Chile. Thla has been eonflraed by th*delega-.lor.-It his been madeIt happening In th* country." This was General

Pinochet's replyetter received by the Chilean toiiwntk Hun rights


aimlttee. The committee had requested that ths Chilean Government put in end to the

"violation" Of the charter or human rights.

In the exclusive interview granted to I* TTRCBta General Pinochet aald: lure not violated human rights. Ninj delegations have come here to see what ll happening and tnej

have teen given every opportunity to visit and to talk to . yer they wanted to. IS Inspection* the dtlegatlona which have come here hare alwayshatla In order and have appreciated the opportunity given to tntm.

orpolitieal reasons, other reports have been released abroad. an assure you that we do not have executions here, ttnormal trials. janite independently. U> have Issued statements explainingirm hand does not xtn cruelty. It mesne juitlce."

Purtper on hehave been trained by the treednd the cirablneros.

ire not cruel. On the contrary, we ha.egenuinely humanitarian reeling.ill not answer the letter you mention becauseo not accept letters -o not conform to the truth, which contain tea. let ae ask why tbey worry ao muchs wlille they pay no attention to vrei happening to huaun right* ln Cub* and ln countries behind the Iron curtain. an ll deprived ortlienshlp for writing-book. In our countryho aet against the nation erlvll war among Chileans, /roe inside lha euuntry or fron abroad, will be deceived Of their cltlsenahlp.*

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(Teat] Santiago. Chile,sr--The asln objectiveug-jslo Pinochet's government li to establishmodern social democracy with an authentic natlonallatlc spirit. It was officially reported here today. This lb the first ttBe that the government has announced what It considers te be Iti general characteristics andhort-and long-rarge goals based on concepts previously worked out ln part by the authorities. he bllltary Junta revealed the principal aspects of Its future actionocument released leday, 6after tho enud forcea overthrew tbe lertlitition government on ll The government's short-range plan for the complete recount ruction of the country la oriented umanist stance1 freedom, solidaritylear state or law.

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According to Chilean authorities, theearsm coalition rule vere year* of deepening rot lorai crisis In vhich the economy vas destroyed, toe til anarchy prevailed and inatitutions severely Strained, In Edition to th* effort* to spreadout the nation the moral corruption that characterised the lest government,

-IhTorder to overcome this Inherited crisis *rvjrosperous future, theHilary authorities believe that the image of the nev Chile met transcend anti-Marxist or anticapltalittlc system* while searchingoad that vlll lead Oiile to the

congest of *it* groat destiny, * Ihe nev society proposed by the military Junta, in which all dlvlslonlat positions created by partisan political, economic or social Interests vill be overcome, vill be distinguished by Its strong historic roots, its freedom, egalitarUnian, fraternity tnd solidarity; all eloacnts that vlll conform vlth the raw constitution,ea* of middle-of-the-road anl conservative Jurists is dov drafting at the behest of the gotTemment,

Ibe proposed nationalpresuppose the esUbliSrs-ent of an effective, modern and representative social democracy, eliminating poverty and projecting to the wholeultural, political and economic Imageew Chile, entral policy, the tendency vill be toenewed societyev man through the adequate exercise of authoritarian power but Intimately linked vlth the Invariable application of flexible, apolitical and regenerative national justice.

The action program outlines ln general the policy to be implemented Ui ajl national political, economic and social activities. In politics the goicrntwcnt will, at an unspecified date, reestablish the national system byev constitution that will provide adequate security for the nev Chile, ttitil tbl*owever, the goveiroent considers It necessary to enforce this partisan political moratorium due to present national condition* snd to develop civic preparedness, especially tturu; the youth. According to this plan, Chileans must become aware of the levels and range that partisan politics should have and of the damage caused vhen It interferes vlth national Interests in pursuit of partisan goals.

Kot included in the nev system are political parties opposed tc the govtnamcnt'a democratic System, such as the leftist parties which wereen the military

Junta tooknd. Th* system la Meant to include only middle-Of-the-road and conservative parties which have been recessed Indefinitely by the authorities.

in economies, the general Objectiveo roach balanced develoj.%ent by increasing production and harmonious action by capital, labor and nature, because Chilean society

la morally and materiallyrisis, lh social areas the government vlll promote, encourage and Improve the organisation of the community, making the necessary legislative changes to secure social development closely United with economic development,


pmmiKO OFFICEitUgO,1 1: vaa reported here today thatl*ontc printing office which vss owned bynlst Party of Chile vlll be transformed Into an official publishing company to be named llln'rva. Ihe nev publishing company will use the same machtattry an4 shops which belonged to the outlawed Coamainist

Party. (Buenos Aires tATia ln8 OWT FebJ

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