Created: 9/6/1974

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two'enrlched-uranluml powerunder construction/orea| li {also entirely de-pendentrcei|for, {reactor,'uci and has] neither' uranium; processing no* [chemical separation facilities.!'Seoul Is seekingIn? Europe {and' Japan, however,an eye toward constructlng'a'icnenilcal separation plant, arid It Is also negotiating with Canada to purchase twdatural uranium reactors bolter suited for plutonium'i

? tic policies have come under considerableIn the US CongtvSS and press.,

' ;South Korea has previously evidenced its desire toredible independent military stance, and it appears highly unlikely that Seoul will soon ratify tha Non-Proliferationecent editorialewspaper influenced by the South Korean Intetllgance agency stressed that Seoul could no longer accept the view that hu* manltarlan and sentimental concerns preclude the spread of nuclear weapons.,

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