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Anti-US Views Are Spreading

Among Greeks

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mericann Greece has become widespread since lhe Turkishof Cyprus. It appears lo bein direct proportion lo Greek and Greek Cypriot setbacks on the battlefield and it the conference table. This feeling is reportedly shared not only byanti-American leftist circlet, but also by normally pro-American right and center-righi politicians and military men.

The anti-Americanism stems primarily from the Greek belief that the USGreece in its hour of need and "tilled" toward the Turks. The belief has been nurtured by the Greek press, by American press accounts, and by favorable references to the US role byreeks tend to believe that the "American factor" it litedeterminant of events in the area.

Many Greeks are probably convinced that the US could have deterred the Turkish invasion and even now has the power to stop the fighting and secure an equitable settlement. Its failure to do so leads them to believe there Is some kind of nefarious deal between Washington and Ankara,ledge of indirect US support for Turkey in exchangeeimposition of the poppy growing ban.

A less immediate but still significant factor in anti-American seniimcnt is the widely held belief that the military regimes that ruled Greece7 and July of this year were imposed and supported by thebelief that iscultivated by the Greek press and fed by similar comments in US newspapers.

The first significant officialof anti-Americanism isination of its military role in NATO, which Greek Minister of Public Order Gikas described as the first "indirecthe allies and "particularly the United Stale*.-



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Minister Karamanlis on0 his senior advisers thai hethai US policy wastoward Cyprus, andthe government and armed forcesshared ihi* view. Karamanlisunless the US took strongwithinours to stopon Cyprus. Washingtonlhe support, understanding, andalliance of

A high ranking foreign ministry officialNATO facilities at Souda Bay and Namfi will have to go and thai all alliance facilities in Greece will be subject to review. For the time being, however, it docs not appear that bilateral arrangements outside the NATO framework, such as homcporting. will be affected. Greek Foreign Minister Mavros denied yesterday that he had made any statements [about an alleged decision by his government to expel US forces from Greece, accordingress report. Mavros said that US bases in Greece arc protected by bilateral agreements, and expressed doubt that such agreements can be broken.

1 pn the non-governmental level, anti-Americanism has thus far been limited to newspaper editorials and one demonstration involvinghousand students. The government-controlled radio and television networks reportedly have! not joined this campaign, so it


probably does not yet have official sanc-tlon.l

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