Created: 8/13/1974

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P.twurkish Ultimatum on.nvnriw Threatens Talks


and Karavas-ultimately giving Turk Is Cypriots control over one third of the island. Gunes told Callaghan he had "iron-clad" instructions from Ankara^ to get agreement on these points altripartite meeting scheduled. last night.

Creek Cypriot leader Ckrides aod Greek Foreign Minister Mavros an-nounced lhat ihey would not attend last night's talks. Callaghan persuaded Gunes toostponement of the meeting until thb morning, but Gunes told reporters that, If the Turkishosals are not accepted at loday'i meeting, "the Geneva talks will be: over."

After talking to Gunes and CaUa-JJ fSsePapfl 4/

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thin livt nlgM. US Secretary If.rtmjpi

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appear to be bf olalking lip the conference, CtjiinhaM told Hertmen ihtl eueoteece of .he;Twktihpoultmean ihe rwJ ofg mlHUry

covp irAcccptmic wu there-'

Celeghen further reported true Turkish Cypffot leader Drckttth

ettrrmely upwt ener Urlcy'i rniraftti-

gence. OrafcUrt celled ^he milnteed

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thtn thti Ibr Tuitbh ermy would noi hetlttte to fire rwtn on [UK troop* tf thryht way.

Gunes captained Ihe ^uithh pod* don to Mirtmin by laying thil Turk Mi poUlteito cert no longer withstanddormetfc poputtr pmium. He *nwhen preeatdhit Tor* key would do tf CkHdtt reject! thotoday.

On the nramption thil the Turk* hove etceMod to break off the iilfci. Secretary Hartmin niegeeti three pot* liber Turkish coo netction. They nwy Intend to:

o tun onlleterii mlrfiery

f ggregate lentioni until inprovide* prow it km for further mllfrtery action,o km NATO or Kl unUitentSy In Itopea ihnl they cantrong effort by the US to help them gr( what ifceyartman concludes lhal the frame of mindnkara Ii ealrcmely dinger-out. Either fieevit il disregarding the rtcgstlvc aepccli of the tor*ger*terrn return, or he it eo weafcLthai popuUr ind nili'sry prrenires have pronp too much for him.

. In Nkotte, the UK Highyesterday continued toconcent that the Turkimilitarily. He plent to beginend kiw*eycd evacuation-spread irg ptnic among theBritish Iwooeenfrom Ihe Nicosia em-be taken to IN British bentliter, beck lo the UKEyeAt howe. theTurkhh'emedKill in an advanced stale ofbut hm given no evidenceplan any immediateTurkish troopt in ewdreportedly were movedpotitioni oa the BttckLait week* The shift nuye reeeilon to report! frowthe Sorktt hed pledged toIf Turkey Hue tuned loGreek* have sinr, denied ihitwuTurkish concern ihout ttehes grown at the Sovietteemed to move deter toGreek: vkwa on Cypmt endan eerier pirtiattty towardA hkjh-level TnrkbA diplomatditpatched lo Moskowto elliy SovietTurkey ti panning Ibe perttlionThe natation alto given chence lo evekeele (het Ion.

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