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This publication Is Intended to furnish the Intelligence community with aof significant current scientific Intelligence, lhe Items herein are basedIncoming reports of all kinds received during the previous week. Therepresent the views of the Officecientific Intelligence and theWeapons Intelligence and are coordinated to the extent possible In thewithin CIA but. being based on the material at hand, are subject toreceipt of further Information or analysis. We caution against action takenthe basis of the preliminary evaluations herein. Substantive questionsItems In this publication may be addressed dliectly loHeadquarters,

trlbutlon should be forwarded through appropriate departmental channels.

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Cuban Mock Invasion Exercises Include CW Attack onBriF.adtT: Cuban Central Brigade,

two simulatedimu-

participated in complex

rr-ethod/nock invasion exercise CW attacks occurred. Each atta


lated dropping of probable nerve gas by fighter-bombers on two and possibly three undetermined locations. Results of the attack are unknown. During other phases of the mock invasion, US fighter and fighter-bomber aircraft were identified as the intruders.


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Comment: Simulated CW air strikes against Cuban installations are employed frequently in defensiveexercises. Thia most recent exercise apparentlyual mission, CW defensive training and training of SAM crews in prefiro missile readiness. The Cubans may be attempting to determine the effectivenessAM crew operatingoxic environment. SAM control vans have no windows and are not air conditioned. Ventilation is provided by small fans at each end of the van. Operationsoxic environment would, therefore,inimumrotective masklosed van. Such operations probably would prove difficult because of the rapidly rising temperature in the van dueariety ofequipment. Past exercises have included simulated CW air strikes when the CW agents simulated were G-gents, as well as mustard. These agents also would

necessitate, in additionrotective mask, the us**


of protectiven exiting the control van.

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