Created: 8/6/1974

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Secretary of State The Secretary of Defense

Request for Data on the Locations of Soviet Missile Sites

memorandum informs yourench request for data on the locations of Soviet missile sites and describes thentend to take. m raising this matter with you to determine whether you want to use this particular action to foster some other military or political objective in your dealings with the French.

Major General Jarry (the French Defense Attache in Washington) hasequest for these data from General Moran (Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces) to Vice Admiral de Poix, Specifically, two types of data are requested:

Locations of surface-to-air missile sites in the USSR west of longitudeeast, ostensibly for assisting the French in plotting tracks for their strategic aircraft strike force.

ocations of MRBM and 1RBM sites in the USSR west ofeast, which can reach France.

Jarry has indicated to Admiral de Poix that

if our response is favorable, the French would give positivers consideration to some appropriate information in fact, the French have very recently become forthcoming by



Intend to approve the French request for the

eneral Brown and Admiral de Poix recommend the French request be satisfied,

he data requested is regularly passed to NATO components.

he Soviets certainly know that we have this information.

here is little likelihood that providing these data to the French will jeopardize the intelligence source from which the information is obtained.

In order to protect the true accuracy of ourhall authorize the release of data on these locations to the nearest minute, even though the data we provide to NATO is to the nearest second. Admiral de Poix assures me that locations to the nearest minute will meet the needs of the French Armed Forces.

you wish to use this action in connection withrelationship with the French, please let me know. If Ihear from you byhall inform Admiral demy approval on that date.

cc: Admiral de Poix


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