Created: 7/8/1974

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Intelligence Bulletin



joint military operation against guerrilla leader Luoio Cabanaa hat not yet produced significant raaulta. Tha action, involving]roopa, vu launohad on Junen an affort to kill Cabanaa and raiouacandidate Senator Figueroa, who was kidnaped with four aaaiatanta on

Mexican naval vessels are patrolling offshore from tha area of Guerrero State where Cabanae ia believed to be hiding and purines have joined army patrols inoff the area. On Julyrmy troopa discovered an abandoned camp believed to have been occupied by Cabanaa,unconfirmed press reportsuerrilla ambush and otherhave apparently beento make contact with the group.

Government officials reportedly have little hope the army will find either Figueroa, who they believe has already bean killed by Cabanas, or Cabanaa himself. While President Bcheverria reportedly is consideringthe additional units involved in the current operation in Guerrero Stateermanent baaia to keep preaeure on Cabanas, financial constraints may not allow it. (SECRET NO FOJZietr-TJTSSEM)


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