Created: 7/29/1974

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- Carnanknow* there la eubstanc* to tha atorln ofml cruelty but anat arey It. They think (area lareatore order In tha country, and that tt haiexer.*orareo byptlH, In on*el-aen epeaher -aa beaten by the <ray.lttar. Xa eeld he nnaaratooa thatara Mad*. ;h* Ccneenara convinced that under Allanda tha leftist,Of people le IIIH.

niattBlTlrrnnec ptetagtad Mb to tone down his conuents.

ThaB^varrmant la returnlne, all Illegally , land. In one Instance In tha Carman cow-unity land baa tnken by thovorment unfairly but within (ha latter of tho law. aeult tha owner loat his hone. It la now belne. returned to bla. twen antt-Aaerleane In tho Cersan coewunity da noeha IS bad anything to do with tha overthrow of



Allende. Central Plnochot acemi to be adnired byCeraana. Hov-av-rf, aeveral who have net him veraand cleta> ho la ahallow.attitude toward Edu-rdo ft el Hontalva la neutral.

Thapeeking low mlddlaolaaaoa In Antofegaita think they ara better Off trav tlian under Allande. They think they ara Making econoalc progreea and that tho foreign preae exaggerate* tho aLatraatnent of political priaonara. Many political prlaoner* In tha northmply restricted to livingertain town and requiredieck In dally

- end -

Chaehubuco Patcntlon Center, one hundred kilometer* northeaet of Anto. He aald condition* vtthtn tha prlaoa were good.

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