Created: 9/13/1974

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The military government marked its first year In power on Septemberithout incidents by leftists. The anniversary was highlighted by junta President Pinochet's speech.

Two of his announcements couldaior effect on the treatment of present prisoners and future offenders. Pinochet ended the state of internal war. thereby placing military courts under less severe peacetime rules on offenses, punishments, and appeals. The courts willto function under the state of siege.

Pinochet further declared that theis "disposed" to release en masse prisoners who want to leave the country for good, and challenged Cuba and the Soviet Union toimilar gesture. Positive responses probably will not be preconditions for Chilean action, however. In fact former ambassador to the US Letelier already has been released.

On the economic front. Pinochet disclosed that automatic quarterly wage readjustments henceforth will keep pace fully withhe cost of living. This move to ease the economic squeeze on wage and salary earners will help keep discontent over the austere recovery program from ballooning into general disaffection with the government, but it will also hinder the fight against inflation.

The remoteness of return to civilian rule was emphasised by some of the junta Presidents strongest language yet on the evils of politics. Noting that in the period prior to the military's overthrow of president Allende's Marxistpolitical parties had become "the symbols of national divisions andinochet declared that resumption of political activity would have to await the emergencenew generation of Chileans" dedicated to national rather than partisan causes.

Pinochet brought his audience of regimeand supporters to its feeteroration that pictured their countrymall nation locked in "frontal combat" with Ihe forces of international communism andtieciatedthat, united. Chile would prevail. I




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