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agreement, Ihe Soviels agreed in Julyay Afghanistanents per ihousand cubic feel for its naturalore than previously.4 ihe USSR is scheduled loillion cubic feci of natural gas, four-fifths of it from Iran. The Soviet bill for imported gas4 will0 million, about double lhat

The new prices are still favorable for the USSR. The Iranian price is equivalenter barrel of oil, and lhe Afghan priceer barrel.oviet natural gas was sold atents per thousand cubic feet to Austria andents per thousand cubic feet to West Ccrmany. the Soviethe USSR agreed to increase gas deliveriesustria4 by someillion cubic feet,rice reponed toer thousand cubic feet.

Resolution of Sovicl-lranian differences on gas pricing probablynable discussions to resume between Moscow, Tehran, and Bonnroposed three-country deal. The proposal calls for constructionecond pipeline from Iran to uie USSR and delivery of gas via ihe USSR lo West Germany. Iran may be paid in hard currency by West Germany for the gas, and lhe USSR is toransit fee for delivery across its territory. The price of the gas for West Ccrmany has not yet been determined bul presumably will exceedents per ihousand cubic feet. As an alternative lo carrying Iranian gas all Ihc way Io West Germany, the Soviet Union may use Ihe gas in Ihe North Caucasus region and deliver West Siberian or Central Asian gas to West Germany.

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