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3 July4

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MEMORANDUM FOR: Sidney Zabludoff

Council on International Sconomic Policy

SUBJECT CIEP's Questions on Soviet Grain

Storage Capacity

1. This in response to Wood's memorandum on Soviet Grain Storage Capacity, dated* As per-our telephone conversation, we have recast che questions.

capacity?00 ou^'h idea of "JSSK grain storage

Officials of the USSR Ministryocureasr.tu'e ^ency responsible for purchasing and hsndlinqrecently. deie^aticn that current storage capacity for grain, held by the Ministry,illion metric tons. Ir. addition therereulj-ion metric tons" of capacity or, faros. Weooc, ioea of the types of state storage; or. fa no cepacia undouotedly varies froa oper.-air platforms to wciZ-ver.ti-ouildings. The accuracy of the quantity of stateapacity could probably be chocked, at least rouc-hlv,aggregating the data regularly published by the USST< or/ storage capacity cor.structac. This, however, wouldery time consuming project.

has our agricultural exchange agreementUSSR produced along these

The US delegation on wheat storage, handling, and milling was the first CS group to visit the USSR ur.der the US/USSR agricultural exchange agreement. TheyhlG to shed considerabler. Soviet storagec have not yet received cecdiled information on their findings. Their favorable recaption suggests moremay bc forthcoming.

does tho agricultural attache's officethese topics?

The agricultural attache's officeost meetings. agricultural delegationsoviet officials. The office also reads the localowever, they do not do any research into problems such as grain storage or capacity.

assumptions does USDA use on storageunderstand that USDA accepts tho capacities

expressed above (pcra.s accurate.

do we know about the Soviet grain

The Sovietsic very clear to the first working group on the US/USSR agricultural exchanga chat thef grain stocks isstateubject to the official Secrets Act. Kovortheiess, one official that the USSR feels stocks shouldear'slthough ambiguous inhe implication is that that stocks includa both centralized stockse primarily for food, industriLlaooconsist of feed and soma scec. This sort of general sidu-laenfc is corroborated in Soviet technical publications Kiitatement by Khrushchev* The quantity desired ir. so-called "strategic' cept iii emergency)llevel o_ stocks, however, is not known. As needs Tor rrai.x. increase it car. be assured iliai the level of all stocks var-tederhaps tho tcinlr^Li level also would increase. cnco work, currently ir. pro^rcca, iadic.vtos tlifiS wliile Soviea rcqui recent i; have boo.'. -aiaCilyan grain pzodttotloE hoc casn'a tcditionc to stociw ware not possiblef the pastears, sharp stock drawdownscaacsry in soi.:ie of those yc-ira.

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