Created: 5/5/1975

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Chinese Announce First Hybrid Computer: Accordinghinese news service, the Pekingadio plant has successfully designed and manufactured the KMJ-2C0 model "combination modulation" electronic computer, the first cf its kind in China. By combining the merits of both "modulation"igital computers, the computer can be used in scientific research, national defense, automation and other fields. The computer consists of two main machines and IJ' auxiliaryplus input/output operational amplifiers.

Comment: Theode; computer as described by the Chinese appears Loybrid system, the first Such computer system to be openly announced by the Chinese. Hybrid computers, which may consist of interconnected analog and digital computers or analog computers with digital logic, have been used for many years in the simulation of dynamic systems particularly those developed for military and space applications. Theye combination of analog computer speed and digital computerand flexibility and can handle system simulation problems far more effectively than digital computers alone. The Chinese system appears to be quite extensive although the number of

operational amplifiers is much too high and probably is in error.

hich m. Althoughy the lines, is still in developments.

Very little information has been available regardingcomputer developments since the Culturaldid

>ut er

were not known prior to the Cultural practically all computer installati< Chinese in recent year's have been d: believed that analog and hybrid com; widespread use, especially in defense-relate<



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