Created: 8/8/1975

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Z, told "InOCHET TMiT

processing ThEERE supporters Or the junta ANO ORE ThEshould not consider THE petitions solel* as PCLI'ICaL acts designed TO tarnismjunta's

. JJBHSMBV sa io that he coulde with the concept of eliminating known extremists, but that froh a

juridical point OF view, HE could no longer tolerate ThE ample evidence -HICH appeared in the habeas corpus rgoues's.

told 4SHIB^b'^B'^bVBBMB^bW tmaT

fully agreedposition. and thai he haser ING all OF THE" To ensure that no FurtHgr

actions "ere takento the conclusion that

extremists had seen executed out of hand by government


repliedc presioent should mainly direct. head OF una, since

;ti : rcotlv -respons iblE for such

abuses. wm|CH constitutes THE gravest threat TO the government's prestige. contreraseated denial. at which point pinochet terminated ThEk inqf ET with hIh


EHaTED his VIEwSr iDOING that conti ias

ENJOYED the confidence Of pinochet.HIS resignation to pinochet. gUT the latter declined To accept it.

4. in subsequent


-II"an rights violations ShOuLD be laic at oina'S peet, ThEY

pointed out. however, thatair force intelligence group was also to 3lan| pop the deathsumber of extremists.

but that TmE fqpce group seeneo MORE SXlLLCD IN its operations. quite often referring TO themselves as dina.

comment.opune reported N

Thatresicential oroer to disband* The air popce intelligence group nopkino aqaiust the extremist taroet continues to function, albeit well undercover,i


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