Created: 2/14/1975

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have been devoted to an inconclusive debate on violation* of human righta in numerous countries. Reaolutiina on Chile and South Africa will probably ?aas with majority support. Charges against Tsrael for violations of human righta in the occupied territories and agalnat Turkish actiona in Cyprus may engender more contentious debate.

On Chile,the Nest Europeana have drawnesolution that they hope will command broad support and head off an expected Soviet blaat against tho Santlego regime. The major provision of the resolutionallisit by agroup to Chile. The Chilean government indicated thia week that it woulduman Rights Commission study group provided the group only includes members from statea havingrelatione with Chile. The South African resolution la also expected to be passed, despite its relatively atrong demands for action against Pretoria'a apartheid policies.

The Arab group haa not yet indicated its strategy for dealing with the agenda item on Israeli violations. Discussion of this issue, however, will probably provide the major forum for their customary anti-Xeraeli diatribes. If the Arabs choose to call on the non-aligned majority,qhlfl could lead

the pasaage of infl


Deaplte the provocative resolution drafted by the Greek Cypriote, which is sharply critical of Turkish actiona on Cyprus, negotiations among the Cypriote and Turks during the paat few daya appear to have succeeded in workingompromise acceptable to all parties. The recent Turkish



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