Created: 4/2/1975

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i' Uncertainty on Human

jConf lie ting statements by Foreign Minister Carvajal.jand President Pinochet indicate that the military government is still undecided whether to allowithe(United Natlona Human Rights comniasion to,tudy group to Chile in late June. ,

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arvajal last week met with the Chileanomats who attended the commission's recentin Geneva. These "observers" worked hard to fond off'a Soviet-sponsored condemnation and secure passageesolution creating the study grouparvajal told them that the government was waiting for an official message from tha UN so that Chile can send its "written acceptance" of the visit. Speaking in Punta Arenas the following day, however, Pinochet bjbbbbbjbjsj sjdeclarcd that the group would be welcomear investigations were first undertaken in Cuba and the Soviet Union. Thie la in line with hie announcement late last year that the government no longer would routinely allow outside probes of the human rights situation and that thoso who would ^udge Chlle'a performance must demonstrate equal concern with communist abuaea.

ministry appears to be at odds with influential conservatives within and outside the government on this issue. Carvajal's statement that acceptance of the investigatorssovereign decision"'that serves as an example to otherwill not placate those who have cone to look upon'such missions as insults to Chile.

Pinochet probably did not Intend hisbe taken literally, but Carvajal*ato have been premature. Pinochet nightdelay, the study group's visit by conditioningconsideration of similar complaints againstS' 'n it* il i'I mil

h-i' i'April5

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